SJSU vs UCR vs UCSC Business major

Hi I am having trouble deciding between all these schools for Business major and I already got in, can someone help out. I would really appreciate it if you guys can list pros and cons between these schools. Thank You!

@Gumbymom You seem experienced in this area if you can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  1. What is your career plan as a Business major?

  2. Check each school for AACSB accredition

  1. Are finances/costs a consideration?

  2. Have you compared the academic curriculum for each school?

For UCR you are admitted into the Pre-Business major and must have a minimum GPA and completion of the pre-req course requirements before applying to the Business Adminstration major program.

UCR is only 1 of 3 UC’s that offers an Undergrad Business Adminstration Major.

UCSC’s program is combination of Economics and Business Management.

Which Business Admin concentration is of interest?

  1. All 3 campuses are very different in feel and location. Have you visited all three? Why kind college environment are you looking for socially and academically?

Yes I visited all I did not really like Santa Cruz, my main focus is Business Management but I feel that San Jose may offer better opportunities is that true?

UCSC 4 Sure

SJSU is in a large city which of course would have more opportunities. UCR is near some large cities with plenty of opportunities also.

I would also look at the career center at each school, see which companies recruit and look at internship/job postings.

just curious why UCSC for sure because I do not think they have a business school?

^ @LucasFire792

I agree that UCSC does not look like an obvious choice, that is why you should compare the course curriculum to make sure any program will offer the classes and the emphasis you need.

I did not know that, sorry. UCSC is higher ranked than UCR and SJSU though.

@Gumbymom I think I would be more comfortable taking SJSU over UCR and UCSC for business because of job opportunities. I know they are UC’s but I hope I am not crazy that is all!

Not crazy at all. I am a big supporter of the Cal State system especially when it comes to Business majors.

Best of luck.

Thank you so much for helping me out, I really appreciate it! Thank You! @Gumbymom

Every student’s best fit school is different so go with what you feel works best for you.

Where you go for Undergrad will not define you, it is what you do with opportunities you are given that will make you successful.