SJU Class 2025 EA ED and RD Thread!

Thought I’d start a Class of 2025 admission and decisions thread! Admission process, scholarships, general questions etc…
Our son applied EA yesterday! SJU was late to come onto our application list and we are very excited to have been pointed here!

We took the virtual tour tour with a SJU student yesterday and I have to say they did a great job! It was interactive with a student rep and very thorough. We had to register for it and it was worth the time :relaxed:

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You are smart to have St. Joe’s high on your list. My son just returned home after a wonderful three months on campus, taking in-person classes while social distancing. It is an underrated gem! Good luck.


@1stTimeThruMom that is wonderful to hear! Glad he had in class experience so many colleges didn’t or it was minimal. Was he a freshman this year?

My daughter applied early action and it is currently her #1. She is anxiously waiting to get her decision.

Good luck!!!
We haven’t been able to visit yet just a few virtual events which have been great. Hope to visit in the Spring!

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@rlc010203 Yes, my son is in his freshman year at St. Joseph’s. Like many of his friends there, he declined acceptances at “Top 50” universities because of the generous merit aid given to him at SJU. Honestly, I had to push him to apply but he loves it. St. Joe’s has an excellent business program, but more than that, it lives the Jesuit ideals of “cura personalis.” The community is wonderful. Good luck!

@1stTimeThruMom Thanks!
This was a not a school in our original list I’m routing for it though! I think my sons hang up will be distance it’s 4 -ish hours away we are in upstate NY, BUT his Godfather lives in Philly and we are very close family friends so that is reassuring. Fingers crossed for a good offer.

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@rlc010203 Hmm…how far are you to an Amtrak station? My son takes Amtrak to Philly and then it’s just a short Lyft ride to SJU.

Train is 40 min from our home (Albany) and then 5-6 hr ride w a transfer in Penn station. It could be an option but we would most likely drive to get him to and from and 4 hours isn’t terrible.

This is my D’s absolute #1 and I’m a bit terrified of it…LOL! She is just an average student and I am concerned she would be overwhelmed with the difference between HS and SJU workload. I am worried she will not be accepted and worried she will be at this point. Good luck to everyone. Crazy times!


It will be an adjustment for all of them… and us!!!
Seems like a great school. It is high on my list but the distance is bugging our son. I look forward to visiting with him next year :slight_smile:

FYI decisions coming Saturday at 9am!

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Just got that email :slight_smile:

Are all early action decisions out? Were you notified on regular email address? Son is waiting

Saturday at 9 they are releasing EA
I received that email :relaxed:

Emails went out stating that Early Action decisions will be released on Dec 12 at 9am.

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My D’s says the 12th at 9am. She is excited but VERY NERVOUS about it.


You are correct. My mistake. The 12th at 9am is correct. Oops. I changed my original post.

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Joining the crowd here waiting for 9am 12/12. My son applied. SJU is a great school. As PA residents, we know a few current students who are very happy Hawks. And as a Jesuit college grad myself (not SJU), I would tolerate it if my son ended up at SJU instead of my alma mater. LOL! KIDDING! Sort of…