SJU vs Fordham

I was waitlisted for Fordham, and ended up sending in my deposit for SJU because I didn’t think I would get in. I got an email saying I got in, and now I’m really conflicted.

I heard that Fordham is a better academic school, but I’ve also heard the same about SJU.
Both from an academic and a social view - Fordham or SJU? I’d love to hear your experiences to help me out with this!
(If it helps I’m majoring in polisci and hoping to go into law school)

**posted this on the Fordham thread too but figured I’d get different perspectives here

Fordham is the better choice here. You are more likely to have classes taught by professors than by underpaid and overworked adjuncts. Fordham students also come from a more selective pool, so you are more likely to be challenged by your peers.

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If the cost is not a concern, Fordham is the better one.