Skateboarding not allowed?

The daily commute to college is a tedious and exhausting task, and getting stuck in a traffic jam is even more tiresome. More and more college students nowadays are using Longboards to move around the campus to save time and energy.

These longboards for college make daily commuting fast and easy for students, and helps them to concentrate more on studies and other important activities. On top of that, they’re comparatively cheap as well as easy to carry around the campus.

I’m also a skater and I heard that skating is not allowed in campus is it true? Are there rules against skating on campus?

Thank you.

It would be useful if you mentioned which campuses you’re thinking of and tag them in the post

In the screenshot above, I’m using the “optional tags” box to tag the post with a University of California school.

I suspect it depends upon the campus. At Eckerd down in FL they have racks outside of the classrooms to hold longboards.

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I’ve seen bans on electric boards due to fire hazards with batteries but not regular boards.

Depends on the campus. But yes, it is a common prohibition outside of dedicated bike lenes, if any.

Florida Tech also had racks in the classrooms and cafeteria to hold the boards.

You have to ask.

I can’t imagine this would work well on snow or ice or in places where there is lots of traffic and busy sidewalks that are full of pedestrians.

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It is the busy sidewalks that have the schools restricting skateboards. I think many have rules about travel between buildings, like they do with bikes or other things with wheels. Allowed on some, not allowed on all.


My son uses a longboard on campus. It is indeed a great way to get around. You need to look at the individual college.