Skewed transcript/SAT

<p>Question: On the surface my GPA/SATs seem decent, but does it look bad to admissions officers if I am very skewed towards the humanities and am HORRIBLE at math and science? Also, does a C in IB Physics completely ruin my chances of getting into a good school?</p>

<p>For some context:
I'm in the IB magnet program at my public high school, which is ranked #24 (or around there) nationwide by Newsweek. This year, I got all A's except a B first semester in IB Physics and a C second semester, which was disappointing to say the least. However, junior year still represented an upward trend from sophomore year, during which I had 2 B's per semester.
My unweighted GPA is now a 3.81 and my weighted GPA is a 4.70. Most of my B's are in math/science, and my SAT score of 2260 was brought down completely by the math section, which I got a 660 on (I plan to retake it this October). I have a couple 800's in SAT II's and 5's in AP's (all humanities-based), with a few more pending. Next year, I'm taking AP/IB Biology and AP BC Calculus.
My extracurriculars are pretty good. I'm shooting for a few of the Ivies, but not H-Y-P (hahaha...).</p>

<p>Sorry for writing so much, I just wanted to give as detailed a picture as possible so that replies would be relevant. Thanks for helping!</p>

<p>i mean for the ivies everything hurts have an out of place eyebrow hair and it hurts you</p>

<p>but ivies arent everything .....lots of other first tier schools that shouldnt hurt you too much</p>