Skidmore 2024 Admissions Statistics

I was just wondering if anyone had any information on Skidmore’s admission stats from the 2024 cycle. If anybody has any insight, that would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve only been able to find info about the class of 2023. Sorry I can’t help :frowning:

Are you planning on applying to Skidmore? I’m a highschool senior and am highly considering applying ED1 to Skidmore.

@cheezzits I am actually a freshmen at Skidmore right now so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

From what I have heard, specifically from a close friend in financial aid, they specualted the acceptance rate ran between 23-27% for 2024.

@renaissance101 that’s awesome! I hope it’s going well. I know a lot of stuff is definitely different right now because of everything that is going on, but how is the social scene at Skidmore? Is it more common to hang out on campus or to go into town?

I’ve read about how there’s a big divide between athletes and artsy students at the school. Would you say that this is really noticeable? Also, do you think the uneven male vs female ratio noticeable in the social life?

@cheezzits I, myself am an athlete, and from what I have seen and experienced is that the divide is what you make of it. I have friends on the lacrosse team, and the swim team. I have friends that do theater and music as well. While certain sports teams socialize within their respective groups, it is nothing you will not find at most other schools.

Going into town is very accessible whether you have a car to not. Saratoga is beautiful and very safe. I don’t go into town all that often because I am usually pretty busy, I know plenty of students who do regularly, and love it.

I cannot speak much on the party scene personally, but from what I heard it’s pretty typical for a LAC. There’s great places to go off campus, even under 21, like Putnam Place, which is a dance club that everyone raves about.

From a guys perspective, no one really cares about the ratio. I’ve heard it mentioned a few times, but no one has really complained per say.

There’s students of all types here, whereas at most LACs in the NE like Bard and Vassar, the consensus I’ve heard is that they lean toward the artsy side. That is not a bad thing whatsoever, just something to note.

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Skidmore is need aware in a big way. Demonstrated interest is also very important.