Skidmore 2024 ED1 thread!

was looking for one and didnt find any - post ur stats!

applying ED1 with an intended major of business

1380 SAT 700 math 680 reading
90.7 UW GPA
no subject tests
3 out of 4 offered AP classes
good letter of recs
college essay about starting my company
interviewed and toured

My d is applying ED1. Intended business major
3.7 GPA
6 AP classes
Not submitting SAT scores
3 season varsity sports/ captain of tennis team, swim team, captain of lacrosse team
Vice President National Honor Society
Member foreign language Honor Society
DECA member 4 years
Student government member 4 years
Member of Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse member 4 years
National awards in DECA and science fair
Current capstone internship
Sailing instructor
Solid essay
Toured twice
Post stats please; and good luck to everyone!

Applied as First Year Student via ED1 with an intended major of Neuroscience

– Latina - Intended Pre-Med
– 1510 SAT
– Will graduate with both a HS and an Associates Degree
– 18 College Courses and 9 AP classes
– 4.5/5 Weighted High School GPA
– 3.8 College GPA
– My high school has the highest SAT/ACT test scores in South Florida and 65% of the students are admitted to the top 40 colleges and universities.

– Founder and President of two 501c3 Not for Profits
– Founder and President of a Pre-Health Club at my high school
– Yale University Basset Award for Community Service
– President’s Volunteer Service Award for Community Service (Gold) for 3 years - years 2018, 2017, 2016
– Admissions Interview, Tour & Info Session
– Attended the Science and Math Day

— I am praying that I will be admitted because Skidmore is by far my # 1 choice

Does anyone know the deadline for submitting css profile for ED1 ?

I think it needs to be in by 11/15.

@MIAMI2002 ur getting accepted hun haha

Guys I just submitted my application and didnt get a link to any checklist or applicant portal. Is that normal?

sushichick02 I also have not received a portal link. I will be calling to see if Admissions received my application and if there are any missing documents.

Admissions will send you a link to set up a portal. It just takes a few days.

How does Skidmore send out their decision letter? by e-mail or mail? & is it a different method for international students?

From what I’ve seen in past years, they send out all applications at the same time. Whether sending them by postal mail to US applicants or email to international students. This usually means international students find out before US ones.

i’m pretty sure they’re doing a portal for everyone this year. I received an email when i submitted my application saying i will hear “by December 11th.” I assume they may be sending out letters a couple days before and updating the portal then.

When it says “by December 11th”, does this mean for international students as well? As I live in Dubai and there is a 9 hour time difference so I am trying to figure out at what time I will get my answer. I am assuming between 6 to 9 pm my time (9 am to 12 pm NY time). Does anyone have any idea?
Thank you!

@loling2301 wondering the same thing! bc I live in Jordan

@sushichick02 I do not think it will come past 3am Dubai time, making it 6pm NY time, as their offices would probably be closing at that time and they will probably have put all decisions live on their website. I just hope I dont have to stay up all night refreshing the page…
Have you read anywhere else that could indicate at what time we should be hearing back?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Applying for ED1 :slight_smile: I live in France but I’m also half Australian, and I am doing the IBDP.
Intended major: Education Studies
Possible minors: Dance or Sociology (not sure yet)
Predicted: 38/45 including 2 of the extra points

Is it true it’ll be December 11th?! That’s the day of my IB french orals so I’m so scared ahaha
If so what time in France would it be when decisions are sent ? Thanks x

I haven’t seen anywhere what time they will release them, sorry

@sophietschanz From research and calculations, Paris will be receiving their notifications between 3pm to max 12am ish. (my mom lives there so she wanted to know the time as well) This is obviously an assumption as it makes it between 9am and 6pm NY time.
Bonne chance pr la réponse et l’oral !!

@loling2301 ahh merci! that’s so cool that you’re applying too!