Skidmore Class of 2027 Official Thread

Congratulations!!! Wow. :tada:

My main thought is: do you have funds saved or designated for the first year of college that you could spread out over sophomore through senior years instead? If you can afford the school without the 61K, and you want to pay, then you can go for it. If you would not be able to afford to pay in the second year and onward, that would be a big consideration. I’d ask the FA office to walk you through what happens after first year. What might you still receive?

I was accepted!! 1480 SAT 3.9 GPA unweighted, I toured in person and registered for a few virtual events, and live in state as well so that could have made a difference. Very happy!!! :smiley:


Thank you, wow is right…we keep reading it to make sure it’s right. I would not want to pay that much, their direct billed is $81,780…so who knows how much of that she would have to pay in future years…seems like such a gamble. She has gotten into many other schools with high merit and less grant money so it’s much easier to know what we would be paying for all 4 years. She really loves Skidmore as well…but seems so risky.

Hi. My daughter got in (yay), which we are very excited about, but waiting on a few others plus 1 on ivy day. I have a quick question/thought. Everything I have seen says that Skidmore has an acceptance rate of 30ish%. If they had 12,000 applicants and 700 spots, that’s an acceptance rate of just under 6%, right? Would you expect that to translate to other schools as well? Like an ivy that is normally 8%, is that going to be .05% this year!? Basically, are all schools going to be wildly selective this year, well above other years?


Yes that is what we are finding as well…this year is crazy and will definitely bring the % down… next year the number of applicants at schools will probably be even higher.

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The accept a lot more than the expected class size, based on typical yield. i think the yield for Skidmore is somewhere in the low 20% range. So take away ED admits (nearly 100% yield), and that means they’re accepting several times more students than are expected to enroll.

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Remember that they have 700 spots in the class and need to admit many more than that. Stats from last year (Class of 2026) posted on the website show an approximate 25% of applicants admitted, and 25% of admitted actually enrolled.

That said, both of kids got in! They’ve received a few other offers already, but this is the first one from a non-safety school. They’re very happy.

I think 700 is the target enrollment of the new class, not the total number of acceptances offered. Going by the acceptance and yield rates of the last few years, I’ll guess they accepted +/- 2500 applicants from the pool of 12,000.

My D has not yet checked the portal. She’s on a school trip out of country = more waiting. Congrats to those who got in!

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It is a reasonable expectation that if your financial situation stays consistent then the FA Grants will as well. A college doesn’t want a kid coming in for Freshman year on a great package and then dropping out Sophomore because they pulled the rug out on the finances.

The son being a Sophomore is a - slight - complicating factor. I would look at your total outlay for BOTH kids for the coming year and expect that once your son graduates, Skidmore will expect you to shift that other funding over to them. So if you’re spending $20K on DS education they will reduce that $60K grant by $20K in a couple of years (roughly).

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Others addressed Skidmore but I’ll say for the Ivy’s that they have much higher yield rates than Skidmore.

Numbers from 2021 Common Data Set
MIT - 33K applications, admitted 1,365, 1,176 enrolled - 4% admit rate, 86% yield
Skidmore - 11K Applications, admitted 3,419, 719 enrolled - 31% admit rate, 21% yield

Congrats to all that got in!

D23 accepted with Porter-Wachenheim scholarship. Very excited kid at home!


My child was waitlisted. 1560 SAT, 4.0, top of class, highest rigor, a year-long internship, job, lots of EC with leadership, showed lots of interests, etc. etc. All three who applied RD in our school (all three had high stats) were all waitlisted. And all three were in need of financial aid. Two who did get in from our school (much lower stats) were full pay, no financial aid needed. Don’t know if it is yield protection or just needing/wanting more full pay kids.


Stats for the current freshman class at Skidmore: 13,182 applications, admitted 3,367 for a class of 784 (which I think everyone found slightly higher than ideal).

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I think it’s both. I have a friend whose kid was waitlisted with very similar stats to your child’s in 2021 - I think Skidmore thought she was unlikely to go there. (And she did end up at Barnard, which was her first choice - but Skidmore was her second.) As an ED candidate, they would have been all over her - even with the need for a lot of financial aid.


My D was waitlisted…seems to be quite a bit of that in this thread. That said, it was perhaps a slight reach for her so it’s not a total surprise and she has other choices she is excited about. Congrats to those who got in!


DD accepted, 32 ACT, 3.7 GPA, 3.95 without the dreaded sophomore COVID year, and her struggles that year were explained in her application), and really wonderful LORs.

Daughter was waitlisted, I’m surprised, but sounds like she’s not alone!


Was rejected, LOL. Surprised by it too.


Just to give hope to those whose kids were disappointed by Skidmore decisions: we know a local family whose daughter was rejected by Skidmore last year and accepted to Williams. You just never know. Wishing everyone’s kids good news and a place where they can thrive!


Son admitted no aid - with a 4.0 and 1470 stats - inner city school volunteer and has had a job since 14. Takes college classes via school and 6 AP’s