SKIDMORE COLLEGE Transfer Fall 2020


I couldn’t find any forums for fall transfer 2020… So here it is.
Please share any stories, comments, or thoughts about admissions. Or anything really.

Hey does anyone know when decisions are supposed to come out?

As far as I know decisions are rolling. I submitted my app in mid March and the admissions lady told me it would be a few weeks. Nothing yet but they’re experiencing delays for obvious reasons. Does anybody know if decisions will be via portal or mail?

I’m a college freshman applying as an English & self-determined (Communications) major -
3.81 college GPA
3.6 high school GPA w; 3.5 uw
Not a ton of ECs, but hopefully my essays will make up for that!
Skidmore was my top last year but I was waitlisted! I’m nervous!

I applied I think the last week of Feb and I am also yet to hear anything back. Most colleges aren’t sending anything by mail bc of COVID and I applied last year and heard back by email telling me that I had a portal update (I was waitlisted).
I am also a college freshman looking to go in English/ self determined- I am currently a communications major.
4.0 GPA
My weighted in HS was 98.6
I had a ton of community service and community involvement in HS as well as 3 jobs and freelancing for my town’s paper. I was editor in chief of my HS paper and now I work as a paid member of my college’s paper. Idk what they didn’t see in me last year but I’m hoping applying again is a good choice.
Best of luck to everyone.

This is my first time applying… Super nervous, lol.
I’m a first-gen college freshman looking to go into political science and English.
4.0 College GPA
My high school GPA wasn’t the best, and I explained my circumstances in the personal statement.
I helped start a student government in my current college, interned at the college radio show, and was part of a school initiative. I also worked a night job that spanned anywhere from 20-30 hours a week.

Did anyone else have trouble with submitting supplemental material? (Application checklist or Slideroom)

I had a bit of an issue with my transcript but it was my high school’d fault not an issue with the program

@jesswriteperson @daynamarie101 What schools are you in rn?

Ithaca College

I’m at Manhattan College

Hey guys - just so you know I talked to someone at admissions and they said there’s a slow down at the fin. aid office but they’re planning to release decisions within the first two weeks of May.

Anyone get decisions today??

@daynamarie101 no, not yet. Did you hear back?

@Snys91 No I didn’t but someone I know heard back yesterday

Hey guys!! I heard back last night on the portal with an email. I got in, but unfortunately can’t attend because the financial aid they offered was not nearly enough. Best of luck to you!!

I heard back yesterday, I got in!

@jesswriteperson I’m sorry to hear, and thank you so much, I hope I get in!

@colb1234567 Congrats!

Hey! Congrats everyone who got in!!! I actually just transferred from skidmore (to be closer to fam) but it’s such a special place if anyone has any questions :slight_smile:

@LCR I haven’t heard back yet, but I wish you good luck with Barnard! I’m from also from New York :slight_smile: