Skidmore ED2

Hi everyone! Very stressed senior here. I applied EDII to Skidmore College this year, and I was wondering if anyone knows when decisions are set to come out? I received one email stating Feb 10th but the website says the 15th. Do decisions come through the mail?

when did you receive the email??? I haven’t received any email from skidmore recently.
does this mean I was rejected?

I’m guessing that decisions will be coming soon, probably over the next few days if they don’t come out tomorrow as it said in the email. Good luck!

Keep checking your portal for an update! I applied ED1 and the portal was the first to inform me that I got in. Then ~30 minutes later I got an email requesting I check my portal for updates. Then about a few days to a week later I got the acceptance in the mail. They haven’t been super straightforward with the release dates so you kinda have to be on top of the portal on your own.


I received the email saying the 10th shortly after I submitted my application back in late December. I also have no received any emails from Skidmore recently. crossing my fingers for us both!

Congrats on your acceptance! Thanks for your help

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Hey! Do you remember the time of day that they told you? Did you receive an email in advance (by a day or two) telling you what time to check your portal to see you results?

We heard back a few minutes after 8 pm I’m pretty sure.

Good luck ED2 applicants! Cant wait to meet some of you in September!

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Are admissions decisions coming out today for ED2 applicants?

Within the next few days it seems. Keep your portal near (-: Best of luck to you all!

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Have you guys been updating your portal? Anyone here back yet?

i haven’t heard back yet but it’ll probably be soon

Heard it came out a few minutes ago everyone go check portals :slight_smile:

I got in!!! Yayyyyyy

To anyone who made it in congratulations! To anyone who didn’t - amazing things still await you.

For those of you looking for more information after being admitted to Class of 2025 here’s a link to the Facebook Group:

Best of luck (-: