Skidmore for studio art?

<p>Does anyone out there have experience with Skidmore for studio art?</p>

<p>No experience, but my daughter is also considering Skidmore for studio art. It is known for strong art department, certainly stronger than most LAC's. We didn't get to it on our US trip last 2 weeks, but maybe will visit in the summer. Another LAC you may want to look into is Connecticut College - we visited last week, and were impressed by the art studios and student work we saw. Definitely strong art department, with many art courses offered.</p>

<p>They have a pretty good web site, so you can partially judge from that. There have been some posts here about a search. And I would suggest that when you do your search check out other posts by those weighing in on Skidmore so you get a feel for their personal preferences. I've always found the difficulty in "searching" for schools and asking opinions is that one persons experience isn't always anothers. We did do a tour of Skidmore but it was summer so there wasn't much work up. But we love the town, it's small but active, the campus was lovely in summer but winters there can be pretty cold and snowy. The theater arts department, I do know, has a great reputation and I believe the studio art does also although it's perhaps a little more traditionally oriented than what some might want. Take a look at the photos on their web site under art department. Also if you're looking for something less "traditional" sometimes a smaller school's art department that is open to new ideas is the perfect to place to make your own mark and get something a little new going as a student.</p>

<p>To narrow it down go to advanced search and type in Skidmore as post not a thread, then go to the right hand side where it says Search in Forums and scroll the end of the entire forum list (just to save time), then scroll up until you come to Visual Arts and Film and click on that particular Forum, then search, this will narrow down all the discussions here about Skidmore as pertains to Studio Art.
Hope this helps, good luck!</p>

<p>PS: When I say we love the town, we've been there on vacations winter and summer, it's lovely in Winter, cold but pretty.</p>