Skidmore Orchestra

S25 is interested in learning more about the Skidmore orchestra. He is looking to play clarinet in a vibrant orchestra with a great sound, and to play saxophone in jazz ensemble. Skidmore takes an interesting approach: “The Skidmore College orchestra is a semi-professional orchestra made up of Skidmore students and top players from several regional professional orchestras, including the Albany Symphony, Berkshire Symphony, Schenectady Symphony, and Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra.” Are there current or recently graduated Skidmore orchestra members who would be willing to share their experience?

Maybe I’m a cynic, but this reads to me as “we don’t have enough players to populate our own orchestra.” My D is a serious clarinet player who wanted to go to a LAC and she avoided applying to schools that invited community members to participate in the band or orchestra. But if your S wants to participate for fun, I see no problem with it!

@murray93 What school did your daughter choose?

There’s a huge difference between some random community members with hobby skills versus professionals or semi pros from regional orchestras. My kiddo played with our state youth symphony and more, the influence of local pros was exciting to her. Music opps and the new building (at the time) were major Skidmore draws. She attended a different college, an ED decision.

See if you can find outside media reviews of the orchestra. Many colleges will arrange a meet or sit in when you visit, though who knows what wrench Covid is throwing in.