Skidmore Reputation

<p>We live in Indiana and my son is considering Skidmore. What's Skidmore's reputation on the east coast?</p>

<p>Skidmore is very well respected; not like the Ivy's, but what is?
It's a smallish LAC and a little difficult to get into without SATs in the high 600s say. I would place it between Bennington/Hampshire/Goucher/Bard and Vassar/Swarthmore/Middlebury, if that's any help. It is probably comparable to Kenyon and Oberlin, assuming you are more familiar with those.</p>

<p>^^I mostly agree with above. I'm from DC area and my daughter's looking at Skidmore too.</p>

<p>Thank you very much....</p>

<p>hoosdad, my son was interested in Skidmore because of its studio art and art history programs, which are some of the best among small LACs. As you're probably aware, Skidmore used to be all womens and is still defined by many in the Eastcoast as one of the seven sisters, even though it's been coed for decades. The plus side is that males have an advantage in admissions.</p>

<p>The campus is very pretty and the town is lively. The college offers an innovative curriculum, but I would say that the academic rigor is a little more relaxed that some of the other LACs with similar selectivity. Although the college attempts to recruit high achieving URMs, the demographic is primarily White, middle class, this could be said about many other LACs as well.</p>