Skidmore vs St. Olaf

Hello, I’m planning on double major psychology and social work. These are the 2 LACs that has social work majors. Can anyone give me some insight about them? Which one do you think is better or more well-known?

Thank you.

Both are well known although each better known in its neck of the woods.

These two have very different vibes. Tell us more about how you like to socialize.

I’m an international student. Skidmore seems to be friendly and St. Olaf has more students from my country so I think I’m fine with both.

I would say St.Olaf has much less alcohol use than the average college. You may want to check, but their campus may be dry. That appeals to a lot of students who choose it – it is a bit unusual. It also can be a turn-off to others who are looking for a more traditional “party” scene.

Skidmore may have slightly more than average – or average for the northeast – students who partake of recreational substances. It certainly doesn’t mean everyone does or that you would have to to be happy. But if these are the two you are comparing, that could feel like a stark difference.

Is there a way you can connect with anyone from your country who is there? Because you are interested in that community, its norms may matter more to you.

St Olaf is much closer to an international airport. Both are remote, both are cold (and then some).