skip class or not

<p>If you take an AP class in high school and earn a passing grade, I know that the UC system allows you to skip that course in college. But when it comes to graduate school admissions, do they like to see an individual that skipped their entire freshmen year through AP tests or actually going through the classes again?</p>

<p>good question I never thought of that... I hope someone answers.</p>

<p>If you skip the class though, you can take more advanced courses (staying in college for four years), and I don't see how that can be a bad thing.</p>

<p>zantedeschia, if you can take advanced courses:</p>

<li>does that mean that you are still in the undergrad program? (like taking honors courses in high school)</li>
<li>does it mean that you are going into the graduate school program? (like taking AP classes in high school)</li>
<li>or does it mean that you can decrease your time in the undergrad school year? (as in quickly completing credits in high school)</li>

<p>Why pay to take a class you've already passed?</p>

<p>it depends on if you are talking hard sciences/math or humanities types of AP courses. Hearing from those who are knowledgeable about this issue, hard science AP courses taught in high school are not as comprehensively taught as at college. So, if you plan to major in that subject and/or go on to a more advanced level, it may be tougher to do well if you miss the college intro. course in physics, chem, etc. Some schools let you jump in where you are prepared but not in over your head, such as D. who started in college calculus where her AP finished without having to take the placement test because she got a 5. But her experience is that a college math clase with only 15 students in it is much different than h.s. AP!</p>

<p>Some schools do let you take courses in the graduate school, but usually, you wouldn't graduate earlier.</p>