Skipping Calculus BC?

<p>This year, I took AP calculus AB and did quite well. This summer, would it be possible for me to take multivariable calculus at the local university, or would a knowledge of calculus BC be required? I have a few weeks to independent study before my multivariable class starts.

<p>You can easily self-study the topics in BC. However, you should consider what math you plan to take next year (senior year?). Colleges like to see a math class every year. Make sure you don't run out of available math courses.</p>

Colleges like to see a math class every year. Make sure you don't run out of available math courses.


<p>Not necessarily true. Schools won't hold it against you if they know you've taken all you can take. And in some cases, even if you have options available to you but decide not to take them, it's fine as well. I didn't take any math classes my senior year in HS despite having an option open to me and did fine with the college admissions.</p>

<p>Just be very sure about your school's policies. There has been the occasional advanced math kid who ran afoul of 'you must have x credits in high school math to graduate'. Jumping into multi should be okay - I would recommend getting the text and looking over the review chapters.</p>

<p>I am a junior right now. this summer i am taking multivariable. In my senior year, i will take the second semester of multivariable and AP stats. My only question is whether or not it is possible to do well in multivariable calculus even though I have not taken Calc BC. I hear the material in multi does not require knowledge of the taylor series and whatnot.</p>

<p>^I don't know whether MV requires knowledge of Taylor series. However, Taylor series are easy to learn. I wouldn't worry about the skipped BC material.</p>

<p>Ya, honestly I never used any of the sequences and series stuff I learned in BC for multivariable calculus. In fact, I took BC my sophomore year and because of a scheduling conflict, I couldn't take Calc III until my senior year, so I had forgotten many of the details of BC, yet I was still fine. You'll be alright!</p>

<p>My multivariable class did multivariate taylor series. Some BC integration techniques that might not have been covered in your AB class may be needed. Chances are, BC would help, but you could probably do so without it (my high school did not allow students with only AB calculus to take multivariable calculus, but that was because they wished to ensure students of a certain caliber, rather than because BC was actually needed.</p>

<p>Taking advanced calculus courses without complementary science courses is far from ideal. The math becomes a set of definitions and conclusions. Best is to leave second year calculus to college, and to take it with a complementary physics, advanced chemistry, EE course, etc.</p>

<p>I actually found it easier to take BC Calculus before Physics C. This enabled me to focus on the physics without needing to think at all about the math. Not everyone finds this to be true, but many of my friends did this and had similar experiences.</p>