Skipping grades/accelerating in math

<p>Has anyone ever been able to skip grades/classes in math at a private school?? There are these programs that if i for example: take geometry during my freshman year, then during the summer take the program's intensive trigonometry/algebra II stuff and get an A+ or something in the end, i can go on to precalculus as a sophomore during the school year and skip trig/algebra II. from what i've seen and heard, most public high schools take this. but how do you get prep schools to accept this type of credit??</p>

<p>depends on the caliber of the private school. My own public hs wouldn't allow that however. It's super rare to skip a level once hs begins. Most people skip either algebra 1, or a middle school math.</p>

<p>It seems rare for that to happen. Maybe in some of the top prep schools like Exeter that could happen. You have more resources to do that. But, I'm really not sure. In my private hs, they don't allow outside credits to complete your graduation requirements for subjects, including math.</p>

<p>How many of you had a middle school that offered advanced or excellerated classes. Mine only offers an independent math class that you can enter if you make a B ona test that covers the grade level math. Which I can tell you is way more than anyone ever learns in the grade. The funny thing is I bet over half of the kids that take the regular math for the year would fail the test yoy need to make a B in in order to take an independent math class.</p>

<p>My sons' private school (K-8) offered three different levels of math in 7th and 8th grades. Which level you were assigned to depended upon test scores, grades in previous math classes, and teacher recommendations.</p>

<p>Both sons now attend a Jesuit high school and were able to skip two full years of math (Geometry and Algebra I) by passing the placement tests. They went directly into Honors Algebra II/Trig as freshmen. It sounds good, but we later discovered that in order to get 4 full years of math in high school (a graduation requirement), they have to take Differential Equations as seniors because there are no other math classes available beyond AP Calc BC (which they took/will take as juniors). Neither one is interested in engineering so Diff EQ is way more math than they will ever need. But the high school will not give them "credit" for courses they skipped!</p>

<p>In the 8th grade, I took Algebra 1. I aced the class and did well in my high school's math placement test. Now, as a freshmen, I am taking Alg 2/ geo/ trig honors. By the time I graduate my high school, I will have already taken AP Calculus.</p>

<p>I took Alg II in 10th and skipped Alg III and PreCal. I'm taking BC Cal now. I just said I wanted to take BC when I was scheduled and they said OK. I'll have enough credits, though. Alg I, Alg II, Geometry, BC Cal.</p>

<p>worried_mom - How about something outside the usual progression, like statistics, "problem solving" or "consumer math"?</p>

<p>At my school, we have a really bad math system called core plus mathematics. Instead of the usual Geometry, Alegbra, Alegbra II, etc we take 3-4 years of "integrated math." I was already in the highly capable math class and took the first year, Integrated 1, as an 8th grader. I then took Integrated II in 9th grade and Integrated III over the summer. </p>

<p>I loved the Intergrated III class that I took over the summer because it was with other gifted kids and so we covered all of Integrated III and most of Pre-calculus in the summer. It was an intensive program, we did math about 6 hours a day but I think it was well worth it. Now, in pre-calculus I am understanding everything very well because of the experience I had this summer. </p>

<p>However, it is important to note that I came from a public school with a very poor math program and so this might not be as beneficial in private/prep schools.</p>

<p>(in public school) I accelerated myself in math by going to the local college over the summer. I was supposed to take precalc but I tested out of it in the entrance exam and took Calc instead. I am now taking AP calc at my high school and am planning on doing calc 2 over this upcoming summer at the same college. It kind of seemed like a waste of my summer but my school would not let me take AP calc without some type of prep. It is not normal to skip but if you know the teacher and are really bright, it can be done. Out of the five kids in my calc class, two skipped precalc(one super smart and the other from out of country where their math courses didn't match up with ours) and I took it at the college.</p>

<p>In middle school (public), we got to take a sort of placement test in 6th grade, and we were assigned a math class based on our scores. From my grade, 4 people (including me) got to skip two math classes and take Algebra I in sixth grade, and a couple other students skipped one math and took 7th grade math. I was really lucky though; the school was nice enough to open an Algebra II class for two students (the other two had moved) when I got to eighth grade.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I forgot to add that my public HS accepts outside credits from programs as long as they're accompanied by a recommendation and course syllabus. I don't know if that'd work with a private school though.</p>

<p>I got to private school, and you can skip math classes in two ways:</p>

<p>1: If you've already taken Algebra (or Algebra and Geometry) in grade school, you can go straight to Geometry (or Precalculus) freshman year, then take (AP) Calculus the next year and then go on to 5th or 6th year math.</p>

<p>2: You can take Algebra freshman year, Geometry sophomore year, adn if you have A's in both of those, you can take Pre-calc over the summer. Then you take (AP)Calculus junior year, and then 5th year math senior year. </p>

<p>I took the 2nd option, so I'm a senior right now in multivariable calc. and differential equations.</p>

<p>I skipped geometry, took alg 2 trig in 8th, took AP Stats in 9th, taking precalc this year, and self-studying AP Calc BC. I am sophomore. Next year, I will be off to local uni for math classes. </p>

<p>Schools cannot reject AP results. Preasurring parrents help too! </p>

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<p>wow, sagar_indurkhya!! what are you going to take next year?? btw, when do people usually take linear algebra??</p>

<p>Most schools in our area have a summer school program so normally people who just finished Alg 1 will go to summer school and take geometry and thus be in Alg 2 freshman or sophomore year. I think around....~90 skip geometry every year? And around maybe 20 skip Alg 1 (through summer school)...beyond that you don't hear of people skipping math levels unless they came from a different country or something.</p>

<p>8th grade: Integrated I
8th grade summer: Integrated II
9th grade: Integrated III
9th grade summer: Pre-Calc
10th grade: Calc AB (and self-studying Calc BC)</p>

<p>If I go into university next year, then I'll be at multivariable calc next year!</p>

<p>If not...</p>

<p>11th grade: IB Math HL (mmm... I've read the materials and wasn't so impressed, much of it I already understand...)
12th: Multivariable</p>

<p>I was one of two people who took geometry over the summer in my entire school :) Besides that, you either have to take a test or enroll in the next math level we offer up from your previous school</p>

<p>I'm currently a sophomore. This is my math history:</p>

<p>8th: Algebra I
9th: Geometry, Alg II
9th summer: went to mathcamp, and in return, school waived Precalc for me
10th: AP Calc BC</p>

<p>I think the flexibility of math courses really depend on your school and how well you know the counselor/administration. I was the first person in my school's 52 year history to take AP Calc as a sophomore...I consider myself extremely lucky for the administration to bend the rules for me, I wouldn't have expected this in the beginning.</p>

<p>some people do this:</p>

<p>8th: algebra I
9th: geometry
10th: algebra II/trig
11th: pre-calculus
12th: ap calculus</p>

<p>some people do this:
8th: geometry
9th: trig
10th: pre-cal
11th: ap calculus
12th: ap statistics</p>

<p>is it wiser to take ap stats at the same time as trig and so in 12th grade you can take multivariable calc?? oasis, what are you taking next year?</p>