Skipping semesters

<p>Suppose you graduate from the IB diploma with straight sevens, basically enabling you to waive many classes and gain college credits. How much time would this save? I do not understand the system and how many semesters you save, but I am interested because I saw, in another thread, a guy who said he took 11 APs in which he got straight 5s and thus started his senior year at college after his first semester at the university.</p>

<p>Anyone who can clarify?</p>

<p>Every college has a minimum amount of credit you must take from them to get a degree from that school. Usually this is 2 years worth of credit. So no matter what you do you still must meet the schools requirements for graduation including minimum amount of credit from that school. In short call the school you want to go to and talk to both their admissions department and the department you are interested in and ask them about your plans.</p>

<p>Colleges vary widely on what they accept for AP and IB credits. One thing is fairly universal: the credits are freshman level courses and are generally used for general education credits. So, a person might have enough credits through AP or IB to be classified a senior; however, the person would probably not have the right kind of credit to be able to complete three semesters (the first semester and then two for the senior year) and graduate.</p>

<p>To see what you might get, go to the college you are interested in and look up what it gives for AP/IB credit. It will most likely be somewhere on the college Web site. I know that when DD was looking at colleges, UVA would have awarded her something like 47 credits for her AP coursework, which we thought was extremely generous for a top-ranked school. She ended up getting about 20 credits where she went (Pitt), but she chose not to take the physics credit because her high school class was not calc based. State schools tend to be more generous IMO.</p>

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