Slavic 45-Does it Count for Med English Requirement?

<p>Out of all the Potential English-y classes available, SLAVIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES 45- Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature appeals to me the most. I was just wondering if it counted as part of the English requirement that a lot of Med Schools had. Thanks.</p>

<p>anyone please? i'd also like to know the answer.</p>

<p>it should, the english req is not well defined, but anything literature should work</p>

<p>At least one semester should be 'writing intensive' as many schools are looking at the requirement primarily as a way of ensuring that the admitted students can write cogently. </p>

<p>The safest is to have two classes from the English department, as otherwise you may have some explaining and submission of additional information to convince someone that a class from a random sounding department is really focused on english composition. </p>

<p>If you did the two R&C courses, that would nail the requirement. If you used AP credit, keep in mind that some med schools won't accept that as partial fulfillment of this requirement. If the courses are not in the English department and sound far removed from actual composition and use of the language, instead focused on literary critique or discussion of the evolution of a cultural writing style or something else that wouldn't help a doctor write up a case study for a journal. </p>

<p>An AC course could be used as well, given the requirements for writing that are part of those courses, but you have the challenge of explaining why Sociology or Psychology or whatever other department hosted the AC is giving an english language writing class. </p>

<p>The very generality and ambiguity frustrates many med school applicants. Sites like are full of posts by applicants who had to resort to separate email exchanges with each school they were considering just to sort out whether they needed to take extra coursework.</p>

<p>However, there is a safety net. Even if you can't convince your list of med schools that you have met the requirement, they would still admit you but list a semester of english as an unfilled pre-req. As I am sure you know, you don't have to complete all the pre-reqs by the time you apply and are accepted, they just need to be completed before the first day of class at the new school.</p>