Sledd Hall

<p>I got a Two Room Double (Which I believe is a suite?) for Fall 2010. Does anyone have any prior experience with it? And does anyone have any pictures of the interior? Everywhere basically redirects me to the rooms look basically the same?</p>

<p>what pictures are you checking out?</p>

<p>also, it is a suite. theres an entrance room that you have to walk through to access the second room. all of the rooms in the murphree area (and the other cheaper dorms) look basically the same: pretty dingy and dungeon-like.</p>

<p>but i'm really excited to be living in a two room double in sledd next year anyways.</p>

<p>Well I basically just do a google search and all the flickr photos are either of the exterior (which is pretty gorgeous) or of Fletcher.</p>

<p>There's no doors separating the two rooms from the entrance room right in Fletcher or Sledd right? It seems all the dorm info on CC say Fletcher>Sledd Today is another selection day and I'm trying to gauge whether I should switch if the opportunity becomes available.</p>

<p>ha and one more there a sink in the rooms? Or is that just Murphree? It's not a deciding factor, I'm just curious :)</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure all rooms in the Murphree area have a sink. I know for a fact Murphree, Thomas and Buckman do.</p>

<p>Try this link to check out Sledd Hall floor plans...this might help
University</a> of Florida Housing Floor Plans</p>

<p>I had Sledd for summer and it was HORRIBLE. There was a ridiculous amount of humidity, everything was always wet, my room was the size of the closet, there's no elevator, it's old, and it's not social. Although, the rooms are all different sizes and my neighbors had a pretty good room, it was about twice the size of mine.</p>

<p>Oh no :( now I'm really scared. What kind of room was yours? Was it a suite too?</p>

<p>ru going to stay in sledd or move out? i could switch if you, im in a double at east hall</p>

<p>Are you talking to me or ZZZZaaacck, legennd? I'm not sure if you are female or male. But I'm personally gonna wait it out and see what kind of room I get unless something else in the Murphree Area (Fletcher really) comes up in the next couple opf days.</p>

<p>i'd put money on it that you're not going to have humidity issued with the central A/C working properly. if i lose that bet, i'd put even more money on the other murphree area dorms having the same issue.</p>

<p>Are the rooms in sledd really that bad?</p>

<p>If you're in Bedroom A, is that the front or back room?</p>

<p>my sledd 2 room double doesn't indicate A or B. you're not talking about a normal double though, right?</p>

<p>it's a two room double</p>

<p>i wonder why i'm not getting that indication</p>

<p>check the floor plan...check your e-mail in the confirmation</p>

<p>checked both and theres no distinction. weird.</p>