Slightly Lower Senior Year Grades

Hey everyone.

I’ve seen a lot of threads on college confidential discussing the importance of senior year grades at competitive colleges (Top 20 schools). I commonly find this answer in these threads: “A decline in senior year grades can definitely negatively affect your application for elite institutions.”

Now, when I think of “decline,” I think of suddenly getting several Bs, or from going to straight A+s to many A-s. This is the level of decline that many of these “Senior Year Grades” threads discuss.

But… How bad is it to have a SLIGHT decline in senior year grades compared to junior and sophomore grades? To give more context, I had about a 97.20 UW average in Junior year (NY public school, so out of 100 scale). But now, for senior year, it looks like my mid-year report average will be around a 95.60. I still have mid 90s in several core classes (95 in Calc, 97 in AP Euro, 96 in AP Spanish, 96 AP Chem) but I have ONE grade that is hovering around the 89/90 area (AP Literature), which is bringing my senior year average down.

This isn’t the drastic senior year plummet that I have read about in other threads, but it technically STILL is a decline, so I am worried that colleges will think that I’m slacking off. Will this negatively impact my application?


I suspect that the small decline in grades on the schools to which you apply and the rest of your profile. If you apply to extremely competitive schools with a glut of applications you may not be admitted like most other applicants. Yet, there are many many very good schools who will find your grades in the contest of your profile very good. Your lowest grade is done and can’t be increased. Relax and find your school! Maybe even read literature along the way.

No problem for that little change.

Presumably you are taking harder classes but are still getting A’s. Great!

Thanks everyone!

No, you are still getting A’s so there is barely a decline at all. By decline, they mean a significant drop in grades, like going from mostly A’s to B’s/C’s.