Slightly uncomfortable...

<p>So I've done REA for Stanford, but the problem is that one of my recommenders has not yet submitted his form yet. It's been a week since the deadline and still has not submitted it. I have asked him to do my recommendation form politely and respectfully and he gladly accepted. That was a month before the deadline. By the time the deadline arrived, he hasn't even started yet, and after a week after the deadline, he merely just started it. Will this put me at a serious disadvantage? What should I do?</p>

<p>stanford understands that sometimes teacher recommendations arrive after the deadline and does not hold this against the applicant ...pretty sure i read something like that.
But I even talked to a student at stanford who told me that his recommendations were sent too late ...and he got in after all.
If the recommendation does not arrive at all however - or VERY late - it will most likely place you at a disadvantage because the guys at Montag Hall just lack a part of information about you or because it may seem that you did not choose the right recommender or haven't been pushy enough.
Just try to make your recommender send it as soon as possible!
Good luck! Stanford is awesome and it would be sooo cool to get in ;)</p>

<p>last yr, my S teacher rec had not been received by stanford almost a wk or 2 bef RD was out. stanford followed up & the teacher kept assuring that he already mailed it 2-3x and then finally we faxed it last minute. i read it somewhere (i cant remember where, but i really did) that stanford reserves the right to start processing apps even though it's still incomplete, or something like that. of course, they would need the apps complete for final decision. and trust me, they would follow up with emails. we got constant reminders that they didnt have the other rec yet. which is not the case for ivies, they dont process/review apps until theyre complete, that's why we had huge problems over there bec of that. anyway, my S is now a happy student at stanford. good luck.</p>