SLR Passport

<p>I know this may seem odd but how do UC's check whether we were actually in the state of CA or not when we send our SLR?</p>

<p>My mother is a CA resident (lives here, owns a car, driver license etc) but unfortunately she had to go visit my dad who lives in France. </p>

<p>How can they check the veracity of the dates?</p>


<p>They look at where you went to school, how many years, where you lived and what is reported on income tax filings and other documents. </p>

<p>If you went all four years to a Ca highschool there won't be too much investigation. If your transcript is from France or New York, they will be much more likely to dig in and check.</p>

<p>I went to a californian community college for two years and high school in France.</p>

<p>What I wonder is whether they have the administrative right to investigate the dates of entrance and departure (of my mother) of the CA territory.</p>

<p>It doesn't matter when your mother was in the US. You would not be a California resident. </p>

<p>They do have the right, otherwise you agree to pay out of state tuition.</p>

<p>It matters if you're not financially independent...</p>

<p>I am a CA resident currently at my school but not financially independent so I have to be dependent upon a CA resident in order to pay resident tuition at UC's (not CSU's or CC's)</p>

<p>So, everything falls down on whether my mom (the person that supports me financially) is resident or not.</p>

<p>I was answering for the case where you are not financially independent. </p>

<p>They will look at tax returns to see who lists you as the dependent. If that is your Mom and all the tax returns show a California address, you are probably okay. I was just pointing out that the high school being out of state will be a red flag. Expect to have requests for documentation of various types until they are satisfied that it is your Mom alone who supports you and probably some documentation that she was paying for your support while you were living and going to school overseas.</p>

<p>Thanks rider730:)</p>

<p>The thing is that my mother lives in CA but does not make any money here. She does not need to make money as she has enough from past activities. Therefore, she does not file a tax return... What should I do?</p>

<p>Be prepared to pay out of state tuition.</p>

<p>On the other, bank statements and evidence of a flow of income to her in California sizeable enough to pay for her living plus yours away at school.</p>

<p>Yes bank statements show that she sends money she has in france here in california for me and her.</p>

<p>Does anyone have other suggestions please?</p>

<p>Not sure what kind of suggestion you are looking for. Your original post asked whether and how they would attempt to verify that you qualify for in-state rates. </p>

<p>If they ask for proof, they will decide what they ask for. You won't be the one choosing what to send. Not sure what anyone can suggest here.</p>

<p>Did you have to deal with them personally rider730? Not that I don't trust you, because what you say makes sense but just to know</p>

<p>Here is a pretty complete official source Residency</a> for Tuition Purposes - Office Of The Registrar</p>

<p>In particular, I will quote their philosophy here and then give you a link to the writeup on what your mother would have had to do to maintain herself as a resident.</p>

<p>NONRESIDENT UNDERGRADUATES: The process of obtaining California residency for tuition purposes is extremely difficult for undergraduates with nonresident parents (this includes transfer students from community colleges and other post-secondary institutions within California). Virtually all nonresident undergraduates with nonresident parents remain nonresidents for the duration of their undergraduate career at the University.</p>

<p>Temporary</a> Absences - Office Of The Registrar</p>

<p>Also, read this if you were staying with your father while at high school in France. They use the address of the parent with whom you last lived as your legal residence <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>