Sls cfa

<p>Hello, first post here=)</p>

<p>I am very worried about the CFA in SLS. Even though its a "practice" run if you don't pass, I really want to at least pass in SLS. I am fairly confident that I can pass most of the events, but I have been having a LOT of trouble with the pull ups. I dont know why(about average build: 5'8, 170 lbs) and I have been working on it for a while, but I can't do any as of right now. Now, I wasn't able to really exercise and practice for about 2 weeks(finals, AP testing, outside stuff) and I also had a recent shoulder injury that really stunted my development on the pull ups. With only about two weeks left, I've hit that panic mode stage. Can you guys give me any advice? Even if I dont pass, I want to at least around 5. Thanks and I hope to get some good advice!</p>

<p>As of now, if you can do 5, that's fine. you are still passing with 5. However, if you are hurt, just take a good rest for a while.
Somehow, you fail CFA during SLS? then you can always retake with your PE teacher later this year. don't panic.
that is all.</p>