SLU Class of 2024

I didn’t see a thread specifically for 2024 so thought I would start one.

My D has applied and accepted to SLU but waiting on Nursing admit decision in February. We had a discussion with her the other day and she said she really likes SLU. Loves the multiple hospitals on / near campus that could be clinical possibilities. So crossing fingers that her acceptance for Nursing comes thru!

Major: Nursing
GPA: 3.93 UW
ACT: 28

Congrats to your daughter! I was admitted to SLU as well. I’m planning on majoring in sociology on a pre-law track, and am waiting to hear back from the law scholars program before committing to the school.

My daughter was also admitted to SLU and is waiting on a nursing decision. Our fingers are crossed. We loved SLU and the nursing school on our visit.

Has anyone heard back from Nursing yet? SLU had a nice financial package but still waiting on the nursing decision.

No, we are still waiting. They said early February so I would think in the next week or so!

My daughter received a text from her admissions counselor that she got accepted Direct Admit to SLU Nursing! Has anyone else heard? I think it was good timing because she also received a wait list letter today from a different school. :frowning:

@arkymommy, Congratulations that is awesome!! My daughter has applied and she is so hoping to hear some good news! That is wonderful her admissions counselor texted her. Wonder how the other decisions will be coming…portal, email or snail mail? Fingers crossed this is at the top of my daughter’s list. Hoping good news for everyone!

@1stCollegemom21 That is a good question. I am not sure how they will notify everyone. They seem to be more personal in their approach to letting everyone know. So I bet they will call or text and then follow up w snail mail notification!

My daughter was accepted into nursing on 11/1, applied on 8/25. It was posted on the portal and she received a phone call from the admissions counselor as well. Based on what I’ve read on these forums SLU is very good about informing students via a phone call.

Has anyone actually toured SLU nursing school? We toured the university last year, but were unable to see the nursing school, just wondering what your impression was.

@arkymommy @netpro Best news ever! My daughter just called me to tell me her admissions counselor text her with the good news she has been admitted to the nursing program!
@netpro We visited SLU last June and was able to tour the school and also the nursing school. I thought it was wonderful! I am in healthcare and the simulation labs they have are very up to date. There are several simulation rooms with various types of “patients”-adult, kid, pregnant mom, baby. They even have a home health type of simulation room. The people we encountered while there were wonderful and were excited we were there taking a tour. The thing we really loved is the nursing building is in the medical area across from the med students/medical library and right across the street from several hospitals, one of which was being still constructed. It appears like the opportunities for clinical work is likely to be available to the students without going far off campus. My daughter has a friend there right now-she is a freshman nursing student and absolutely loves SLU.

@1stCollegemom21 Congrats to your daughter!!

@netpro We toured SLU Nursing at an open house back in early November. I think 1stcollegemom21 did a nice job of explaining the Nursing building. When we toured, it was on a Saturday so it wasn’t “in action” but some it seemed like a very supportive atmosphere with a retention specialist on site and multiple tutoring options available on site. The ability to do clinicals at the SLU Madrid Spain campus sophomore year was a very unique piece of the program that I haven’t heard from any other schools thus far. I believe the close proximity of the Nursing school to the hospital allows some paid internship work or shadowing opportunities from what I also understand.

My daughter just received the SLU nursing admission. We haven’t visited the school though because it’s a bit further away. She already decided on our state school but I think this changes things a bit. Does anyone know how prevalent the Catholicism is? She’s been going to Catholic school the past 12 years and (I know this sounds bad) but really only wants a “Catholic lite” experience.

@Finalthree Congrats! They told us in the opening session that 50% of the population is Catholic and 75% is Christian. I didn’t think the Catholicism part was overly prevalent. We are not Catholic and I didn’t get a sense that I “wasn’t part of the group”. They have Mass on Sunday nights that any student can attend, regardless of faith. It’s a SLU campus tradition that I thought was unique. We visited Xavier and it appeared their Mass was only for Catholics as it was also mentioned that there was either a group or service for Protestants that met elsewhere on campus. I didn’t feel the Catholic piece was overly prevalent at Xavier either but I just got a sense at SLU that it was more inclusive of all faiths which makes me believe that it might be more “Catholic lite”? I hope this helps! I know they have a lot of Admitted Student Days, lunches and other events that you might attend an get a better sense of what it feels like to you.

Has anyone who applied for MKL scholarship heard about interviews?

@rockmark My daughter applied for the MLK scholarship and has not heard anything yet. The interviews are sometime in March so I would think in the next couple weeks they will hear something.

Hi. Daughter received notice of Honors College acceptance this weekend. Does anyone have any experience with the honors college and have an opinion on it? If she decides on SLU, she would do the program for sure. We are just trying to figure out if there is anything about the Honors College Program that would boost SLU up her final list of choices. Thanks for any information!

@mychicas Members of the honors program at SLU have access to earlier class registration than their peers as well as research grants (ILEX), honors classes, the honors LLC, and more. I don’t have direct experience because I’m not a student yet, but I’ve looked into it a lot because I am planning on going to SLU and was accepted into the honors program. Here are some helpful links:

I went to a presentation about the Honors College a few weeks ago, and the speaker talked about there being an honors-only study abroad opportunity, which sounded like a lot of fun. I hope this response was helpful!

Very helpful. Thank you!

My son has applied to Med Scholar program in SLU. He got into the honors program but have not heard anything about Med Scholar program. Anyone knows if the decisions are still going out? Anyone post how did you hear about the decision? Possibly your stats too…thanks