SLU Early Decision Chances

Hello To All

I was wondering, If you could PLEASE tell me my chances of getting into SLU.

GPA- 3.0 (not the best)

SAT 1170 ( submitting though) Writing 640 Math 590 Reading 580


Played water polo for four years at Hill
Won the state championship in 2017
3rd team all state for goalie
Also member of the swim and dive team for Hill
Won state championship in 2016
Placed 2nd at suburbans in 2015
Eagle Scout in 2018
Vigil Honor in 2018 (Highest Honor in Scouting)
EEC Chair President
Plays Trombone in the Band for 8 years
Member of the pit band
Chemistry Club Member
Chess Club Member
Rowed all four years at Hill
SHINE Award Recipiant
UD Community Service Scholar Recipiant

Dads friend attended SLU send in letter of rec

Applied to Roanoke, OWU, Witt, SMC and UNH

I think you will be accepted. SLU loves strong ECs and I think your scouting work stands out but everything else is great too. Your GPA will be considered in the context of the high school you went to. When I look at your list of activities and award you are the kind of student I’d like to have on campus. Congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishments.

Thank you so much. I also have been keeping in contact with also getting on their mailing list since 10th grade talking with admissions officers, etc. I also this summer visited the campus when I was up in that area for summer vacation and really fell in love with the campus also during the summer I had an off campus interview with and alumnus. I also have two really great letters of recommendation one from my band teacher and one from my english.

can someone else chance please >

@patchy36 hey I applied to st Lawrence this year. I’m really nervous. Can you please chance me ? I would really really appreciate your help.