SLU Presidential Scholarship 2021

Hello-- My DS just got the invitation to virtually interview for the Presidential Scholarship-.

Stats: 4.8 W 3.97 UW SAT: 1520 Extracurriculars: NHS Captain, Varsity Tennis; from Chicago area. He also previously got the VP Scholarship of $25k a year.

Anyone else got the same email or know what type of questions they ask?

I live here locally and my niece goes there, so I will say if you are a blackhawks or cubs fan and they ask about it, you should lie. #goblues

Good luck. SLU’s a good school and I know a lot of proud alumni.

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It’s a no for me

Me too! I got pres finalist but not the actual scholarship!

Same - but just $1,000 more a year. Kinda slim

How did you find out about the $1000? Was it listed on the email that you got stating you didn’t get the Pres Scholarship?


I agree! Was hoping for a little more!

Yes - well it says you qualify for presidential finalist? which is $104,000 over four years, or $26,000 a year. And the original vice presidential scholarship was $25,000 a year. Then there was a link to click, and says it’s worth $4,000 total, or $1,000 a year.

chimombye, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but did you get invited into the honor’s program and accept?

I don’t mind you asking… no, didn’t apply to the honors program. Hmm, maybe should have. Maybe I would have had a better shot at Presidential.

Yea, but you got the finalist money. While I applied, got accepted, hadn’t let them know yet and wondered if that’s why I didn’t get the additional $1000.

In talking with previous Presidential scholarship finalists, I was under the impression every finalist that didn’t get the scholarship got the “consolation” prize. But that appears not to be the case.

That’s what I was thinking - that this is the consolation prize for those of us who didn’t get it. Hmm. Does the Honor’s College come with a scholarship? Is that why maybe? I also read that people had received $2,000 another year as a consolation prize. Who knows. What did your letter say?

Was shocked to see It say they interviewed more than 900 people!

My DS actually interviewed for the Presidential Scholarship, applied to the Honors College (got rejected for some reason) and received an extra $2000, but not the Presidential Scholarship. So I don’t think the Honors College application or acceptance affected the Finalist scholarship.

I agree. Got accepted to honors and didn’t get presidential.

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My letter said that I still had the vice president’s scholarship and the catholic high school award of $25,000 and $4,000 respectively.


I was accepted to the honors program and law scholars program, did not respond and then got finalist for the Presidential. Maybe because you already had the extra 4K for catholic school they did not give you the extra money for finalist?

Yea, that’s what I was wondering. Thanks for the info about your experience