SLU vs. Vandy?

<p>So I want to do the premed track in college and I really like both Vanderbilt and SLU. But which has a better program? I know SLU had the Med. Scholars and everything, but Vanderbilt is more well known. I also want to be able to study abroad for a year, so which school would be the better choice? I'm open to other suggestions as well, not just these two.</p>

<p>Brown University PLME (Program in Liberal Medical Education)</p>

<p>I've looked into that, but it's a reach for almost anyone. I'm applying there, but I want a reason able fall back if it doesn't work. I'm also not Catholic, so does that mean SLU or George Washington University are out?</p>

<p>I don't anything about SLU. Why are you ruling out GWU? I don't think GWU is religiously affiliated. Maybe you meant Georgetown.</p>

<p>Yeah sorry I keep getting the names backwards. But I heard at SLU you have to take some religion classes as a requirement, but I really don't want to. I mean, I can, but I would rather take a foreign language instead. I don't want them forcing it down my throat.</p>

<p>Then I wouldn't go to SLU. You'll be miserable. Vandy is a great school. Not sure how good their pre-med program is though.</p>

<p>Do you know anything about NYU for premed?</p>

<p>Vanderbilt is excellent for pre-med and you can get some research opportunities at the Vanderbilt Medical Center. I know some doctors who have had med students doing some work with them.</p>

<p>Vanderbilt is my first choice but I want to look at other options as well.</p>

<p>NYU also has a good pre-med program. Definitely look into it.</p>

<p>Vanderbilt's med-school is one of the best (top 15) in the country, so I could only imagine this seeping into their premed arena.</p>