slutty cheerleader performances?

<p>Knew that would get your attention:D</p>

<p>I gotta rant, sorry</p>

<p>Last night at my son's back to school night (he's a soph) the evening began with a 1/2 hour "pep rally" which was supposed to showcase some of the students talents, such as a debater "spreading" (very impressive), the school band (also awesome), a preppy stuedent exhorting us as parents to get our students involved, and the usual parade of school administrators, along with a slick movie about how wonderful the school is.</p>

<p>OK, all good,
then the cheerleaders "perform"...they were all very cute, of course, short skirts and tightfitting uniforms, but not too low I was unprepared for what followed:
the dance or whatever it was, to me, was beyond risque..they looked more like stripper's moves or something, complete with shaking their boobs around in a very obvious manner, while gyrating to the chorus from "promiscuous girl" the latest hit from Nelly Furtado, which was cleverly cut into the music ...
it was uncomfortable, to say the least, I mean I felt sorry for them parading around in front of the whole gym full of parents who were all wondering wt*? It was like a bad joke, with these poor girls as victims, IMHO...but hey, am I being an old fuddy-duddy or what?
no, don't answer that....but actually my kids and their friends think I'm one of the cooler I don't think so</p>

<p>That sounds like every cheerleader dance number I have ever seen. LOL Sadly, that is just how most girls around my age dance. I love to dance to have fun but I don't go to clubs because most people dry.... on the dance floor. Really disgusting. I am not conservative but wow.</p>

<p>OK, dance is a means of self-expression, I personally love to dance...
but cheerleaders are representing the school in a public venue..sends the wrong message
its not the same as just going to a dance
yeah, isn't that called freaking? that sounds really gross! why be used as a sex object by some random guy??</p>

<p>I am definitely not agreeing with it. I am just saying this way of dancing is not cheerleader specific. This is the choice dance of most girls looking for attention.</p>

<p>these girls weren't is the mtv genertion who don't really know how to dance..they know what they are doing...jsut wish the corregraphers wold raise the bar</p>

<p>hmmm...thats kind of sad..I also have a Sr d </p>

<p>I'm not judging anyone, just the school admin that they consider this OK and promote it</p>

<p>^I have to agree with CGM. These girls are not victims. They are eager and willing participants.</p>

<p>The worst part is that the parents of these girls were probably proud as can be. Again, it comes down to the parents. If I had a daughter in an event like that heads would spin.</p>

<p>(This is a HS, right?)</p>

<p>yeah, really, what talent does it take to shake your boobs (in unison no less) and bump and grind? that doesn't even qualify as choreography
I mean, do some gymnastics stuff, thats cool, and takes some talent
and choose some more sports oriented music</p>

<p>yes weenie, this is HS..and you're totally correct about the parents..later I overheard a mom congratulating her cheerleader daughter on their performance
so, yes, you're spot on...I too blame the parents for financing and encouraging this sort of spectacle....
the girls are willing, yes, but why are they willing? because the school and parents support this whole thing...
what's next, topless cheerleading?? where does it end?</p>

<p>And I thought I was the only prude. I used to chaparone the HS dances, but quickly changed to help with coat checks and/or ticket-taking at the door. I honestly couldn't watch. Seemed like standing lap dances were the rage (whatever the kids actually call it). Same reaction to the "talent" of lipsynching and bumping and grinding. I kept thinking, "What are the girls' parents thinking?"</p>

<p>I'm hopelessly out of date. BUT... when I was young, short, short, short skirts and no bras were the thing and I'm sure OUR parents thought our generation was nuts.</p>

<p>My 9th-grade S attended the public HS orientation with friends -- he's off to boarding school so felt distanced. The cheerleaders put on a similar performance, which I blanched at from my seat in the back row. S is a cool kid, likes girls, not geeky at all, but he and his friends left the auditorium making retching noises (rude, yes, I know, but boys this age often are). The guys agreed they were embarrassed to see this as part of their official welcome to their new HS. S was relieved to be heading to a school without cheerleaders.</p>

<p>That IS the most popular type of dance choreography today. You need to get in touch with your inner stripper.</p>

<p>no, I wanted to chaperone winter formal and my d talked me out of it! so I help in the library and with mailings etc</p>

<p>I just have to wonder if the principal knew in advance and actaully signed off on this...I'd complain to the school, but it won't do any good</p>

<p>I haven't been exposed to much cheerleading stuff as my d goes to a different high school that has no football/cheerleaders; wanted to send s there but he needed some special programs at the large comprehensive high school</p>

<p>You know... if it's THAT bad... I'd let the school know that you & apparently many other parents found the performance disturbing. We shouldn't allow our children (and in HS they're still children) to be overly sexualized. These girls may not be victims, but they're still minors and we're still their parents. Writing to the school probably will not change anything, but it won't hurt. And it'll make you feel better.</p>

<p>lol My inner stripper
if only you knew ;)
but seriously.....this is HS!
celloguy- so you had the same experience..I was really glad my son wasn't there..he prefers the 99% male sport of paintball, not played at highschool yet...</p>

<p>katliamom- maybe I'll just email this thread to the principal--</p>

<p>A friend of mine recently took over as cheerleading coach at our HS about 3 yrs. ago. When she took the job, she asked the principal if she had total control over what she considered appropriate and was assured "yes". Well, our school no longer does bump and grind dances and the dances look like dances and the cheer routines are more gymnastic. I don't know if the other schools noticed the change, but several of us parents did :).</p>

<p>that's refreshing! maybe that's the arrangement at our school, too, because I can't believe a principal would allow this
maybe the principal didn't understand the meaning of the song lyrics!!??</p>

<p>My S has played football all through school so I have seen a LOT of cheerleaders. The ones at our school don't do anything that remotely resembles what the OP describes. Their cheers are of such presicion performance that I have oftren thought they were almost robotic. This must be mandated by our principal or maybe the coach because I have noticed that the cheerleaders from some other schools in our conference spend the whole game "shakin' what their Mama gave'm" ! I believe the administration has to take control of this and put a stop to it. From what I've seen the girls enjoy the attention (whoops and whistles from the student section of the stadium) but they may not be truly aware that it's really negative attention.</p>