Small Catholic Colleges

<p>What small co-ed catholic colleges in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the New England area have the best reputations? </p>

<p>U of Dayton good academically, a bit of a party rep.
Wheeling Jesuit- all I know is a friend's daughter plays a sport there and likes it and I know two alums who loved ity and felt it was rigorous. Both have graduate degrees from other universities too. </p>

<p>I think this is a tough question to answer as some schools are very highly rated in specific areas and not so well regarded in others. Leaving off Georgetown, BC, and Fordham, I think there are a lot of other Catholic schools well regarded regionally. Loyola Maryland, Providence, and Fairfield (in that order) are probably the next step down from the big three. I may be excluding some great Ohio schools - I don't really know anything about them. St. Joe's is well regarded for business. </p>

<p>As I think of it, Marist College in Poughkeepsie may have a vibe your D will like. My D actually liked Marist quite a bit. It may be worth the trip for you to check it out.</p>

<p>Edited to add - good grief! I left out Villanova and it's practically in my backyard. They typically don't give much merit, but have definitely been generous with girls I know who are majoring in engineering or computer science.</p>

<p>@Halfemptypockets, Marist is no longer a Catholic school. They gave up their affiliation with the Catholic Church.</p>

<p>Whoops. Didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know.</p>

<p>@halfemptypockets‌, no worries. You are always such a terrific source of information and wisdom! CC readers are really blessed to learn from your wise insight and advice!</p>

<p>Good to see Wheeling Jesuit University recommended by @Janniegirl‌. I've heard really excellent things about Wheeling Jesuit and that their graduates do very well.</p>

<p>@Halfemptypockets‌ has a great summary, too.</p>

<p>Going by local reputations, John Carroll in the Cleveland area was popular among my catholic high school friends. Around Pittsburgh, St Vincent is also popular. Gannon and St Francis University have popular (and competitive) Physician Assistant programs, but I don't know much more abut them that that.</p>

<p>There's also Duquesne in Pittsburgh. Ranked 116 in U.S. News if you give any credence to that. Fairly diversified has a law school, medical programs like nursing 5 year physician assistant...</p>

<p>Duquesne was on my kid's short list. And he liked it a lot. </p>

<p>Even though Marist doesn't any longer have the catholic affiliation, it's still worth a look see. Loyola Maryland, college of St. Rose (Albany), Fairfield University (I believe it is Jesuit).</p>

What small co-ed catholic colleges in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the New England area have the best reputations?</p>



<p>The NE/midAtlantic states have a LOT of small Catholic schools. Maybe you could give us more info...</p>

<p>what are your child's stats and career goal? Major?</p>

<p>What is your budget? </p>

<p>NE Catholic colleges and univs</p>

<p>Albertus Magnus College New Haven CT Contact
Alvernia College Reading PA Contact
Anna Maria College Paxton MA Contact
Assumption College Worcester MA Contact
Assumption College for Sisters Mendham NJ Contact
Boston College Chestnut Hill MA Contact
Cabrini College Radnor PA Contact
Caldwell College Caldwell NJ Contact
Carlow University Pittsburgh PA Contact
Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia PA Contact
College of Mount St. Vincent Riverdale NY Contact
College of New Rochelle New Rochelle NY Contact
College of St. Elizabeth Morristown NJ Contact
College of St. Joseph in Vermont Rutland VT Contact
College of the Holy Cross Worcester MA Contact
DeSales University Center Valley PA Contact
Dominican College of Blauvelt Orangeburg NY Contact
Duquesne University Pittsburgh PA Contact
Elms College Chicopee MA Contact
Emmanuel College Boston MA Contact
Fairfield University Fairfield CT Contact
Fordham University Bronx NY Contact
Gannon University Erie PA Contact
Georgian Court University Lakewood NJ Contact
Gwynedd-Mercy College Gwynedd Valley PA Contact
Holy Apostles College and Seminary Cromwell CT Contact
Holy Family University Philadelphia PA Contact
Immaculata University Immaculata PA Contact
King's College Wilkes-Barre PA Contact
La Salle University Philadelphia PA Contact
Le Moyne College Syracuse NY Contact
Magdalen College Warner NH Contact
Marymount Manhattan College New York NY Contact
Marywood University Scranton PA Contact
Mercyhurst College Erie PA Contact
Merrimack College North Andover MA Contact
Misericordia University Dallas PA Contact
Mount Aloysius College Cresson PA Contact
Mount Saint Mary College Newburgh NY Contact
Neumann College Aston PA Contact
Providence College Providence RI Contact
Regis College Weston MA Contact
Rosemont College Rosemont PA Contact
Sacred Heart University Fairfield CT Contact
Saint Anselm College Manchester NH Contact
Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary - Overbrook Wynnewood PA Contact
Saint Francis University Loretto PA Contact
Saint Joseph College West Hartford CT Contact
Saint Joseph's College Standish ME Contact
Saint Josephs University (PA) Philadelphia PA Contact
Saint Michael's College Colchester VT Contact
Saint Peter's College Jersey City NJ Contact
Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers Fresh Meadows NY<br>
Saint Vincent College Latrobe PA Contact
Salve Regina University Newport RI Contact
Seton Hall University South Orange NJ Contact
Seton Hill University Greensburg PA Contact
Siena College Loudonville NY Contact
St. Bonaventure University St. Bonaventure NY Contact
St. Elizabeth College of Nursing Utica NY Contact
St. Francis College Brooklyn Heights NY Contact
St. John Fisher College Rochester NY Contact
St. John's University (NY) Queens NY Contact
St. Joseph's College Brooklyn Brooklyn NY Contact
St. Joseph's College of Nursing Syracuse NY Contact
St. Joseph's College Patchogue Pathogue NY Contact
St. Thomas Aquinas College Sparkill NY Contact
St. Vincent's College Bridgeport CT Contact
Stonehill College Easton MA Contact
University of Scranton Scranton PA Contact</p>

<p>This list includes some Mid-Atlantic states and some duplicates from above</p>

<pre><code>Alvernia College Reading,PA
Cabrini College Radnor,PA
Caldwell College Caldwell,NJ
Canisius College Buffalo,NY
Carlow College Pittsburgh,PA
Catholic University of America Washington, DC

<p>Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia,PA
Christendom College Front Royal,VA
College Misericordia Dallas,PA
College of Mount Saint Vincent Riverdale,NY
College of New Rochelle, New rochelle, NY
College of Notre Dame of Maryland Baltimore,MD
College of Saint Elizabeth Morristown,NJ
College of Saint Rose Albany,NY
D'Youville College Buffalo,NY
DeSales University Center Valley,PA
Duquesne University Pittsburgh,PA
Felician College Lodi,NJ
Fordham University Bronx,NY
Gannon University Erie,PA
Georgian Court University Lakewood, NJ
Gwynedd-Mercy College Gwynedd Valley,PA
Immaculata University Immaculata,PA
Iona College New Rochelle,NY
King's College Wilkes-Barre,PA
La Roche College Pittsburgh,PA
La Salle University Philadelphia,PA
LeMoyne College Syracuse,NY
Loyola University Maryland Baltimore,MD
Manhattan College Riverdale,NY
Manor College Jenkintown,PA
Marist College Poughkeepsie,NY
Marymount College Tarrytown,NY
Marymount University Arlington,VA
Marywood University Scranton,PA
Mercyhurst College Erie,PA
Molloy College Rockville Centre,NY
Mount Aloysius College Cresson, PA
Mount Saint Mary College Newburgh,NY
Mount St. Mary's College Emmitsburg,MD
Nazareth College Rochester,NY
Niagara University Niagara University,NY
Rosemont College Rosemont,PA
Saint Francis University Loretto,PA
Saint Joseph's University Philadelphia,PA
Saint Vincent College Latrobe,PA
Seton Hall University South Orange,NJ
Seton Hill College Greensburg,PA
Siena College Loudonville,NY
St. Bonaventure University St. Bonaventure,NY
St. John Fisher College Rochester,NY
St. John's University Jamaica,NY
St. Joseph's CollegeBrooklyn,NY
Trinity College Washington,DC
University of Scranton Scranton,PA
Villa Maria College of Buffalo Cheektowaga,NY
Villanova University Villanova,PA
Wheeling Jesuit University Wheeling,WV</p>

<p>My niece just started and Loyola Maryland and so far she loves it. When I looked into this school I was very impressed with the reputation it has for the quality of the teaching. And the dorms are among the best in the country.</p>

<p>Some of these schools are gems and bargains. Especially the lesser known ones with some nice merit money for kids with higher stats than their averages. One should make sure that they are not overly suitcase or commuter schools. Loyola MD is a great choice. I hear wonderful things about Stonehill in MA as well. Scranton has some good awards. Some schools up in the upper NE area too that have nice scholarships. Providence gave some kids her near full awards--a colleague's DD turned down BC to go there for that award and is now at a top school for her MBA. My niece had a fabulous experience there.</p>

<p>I believe this parent posted that they can afford $45,000 a year on the other thread she started. </p>

<p>MANY of the colleges on this list would be within that price point...or provide merit aid to being the cost to that price point.</p>

<p>Figuring out the gems is key. I appreciate your help, cptofthehouse. Some colleges are good but not particularly challenging. I wonder if any of the Catholic schools have honor/scholar programs. </p>

We can afford about $45,000 per year. </p>

<p>Thanks for the question about female versus male ratio, mom3collegekids. My daughter wants to attend a school that is approximately 50% male and 50% female</p>

<p>. She does not want to attend a school that is lopsided with female students. She also wants a school with no greek life. We know that division III schools don't athletic scholarships ... however, we were told that, if you qualify for any financial aid, they can give you more financial aid if they want. For example, if you qualify for $500 in financial aid, the school could choose to give you $10,000 in financial aid.

<p>The desire for a 50/50 male/female ratio may be a problem at small Catholic colleges (in that region) that will give enough merit.</p>

<p>Something may have to give. Some greek life (there isn't much/any hazing in sororities, since that seems to be a is rare in sororities). male/female ratio. school size. Catholic. amount of merit. Region of the country.......Something may have to give!!!</p>

<p>WHAT IS her major and career goal???</p>

<p>(also that claim of getting $10k in FA when you only qualify for $500 is very unlikely.....and would subject them to a NCAA investigation for Div III back-handed athletic scholarships </p>

<p>Duquesne, Marist, and Siena all have costs of attendance below $50,000 a year.</p>


All of the ones we looked at certainly did. S attends Canisius College on 1/2 scholarship, making it comparable to in-state NY full pay COA. He is in the honors program.</p>

<p>My niece just transferred into Immaculata University in PA as a junior; she's playing field hockey. Her merit aid package at Immaculata is higher than the aid she received at her previous school.</p>

<p>She transferred in for academics - she looking to attend medical school or be a PA. Immaculata's hard science program is strong. </p>

<p>In Ohio, the most highly regarded Catholic colleges are:</p>

<p>XAVIER UNIVERSITY, in Cincinnati - Jesuit. Cincinnati is the most interesting city of these three. Excellent business school.</p>

<p>JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY, in Cleveland - also Jesuit, and has the safest location of these three. Located in a very nice suburban neighborhood. The smallest (physically and enrollment) on this list.</p>

<p>UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON - is Marianist (not Jesuit) and "feels" the most Catholic. Extremely friendly people (both students and faculty). Also the largest of these three schools -- undergraduate enrollment of 7,400 is almost exactly equal to the other two combined. Excellent engineering school.</p>

<p>I have my own personal preferences, and my list is in reverse order (I like UD best). All are quite good.</p>

<p>All three of these universities have honors programs. </p>

<p>Over in Pennsylvania, I can recommend Saint Vincent College. Has excellent financial aid. Less than an hour east of Pittsburgh. </p>

<p>Football trivia: Winner of 4 Super Bowls, NFL coach Chuck Noll of the Pittsburgh Steelers graduated from University of Dayton, but the football field named for him is at Saint Vincent College. ;) </p>