Small High School with IB Diploma Programme

<p>Searching for a small co-ed (no religious affiliation) high school with IB Diploma Programme. It would be great if it is an extremely small PUBLIC high school or an independent school.</p>

<p>I checked the IB School site for ages, got exhausted and decided to ask in this forum, as I am sure that there are many people who consider their high school with IB Diploma small enough.</p>

<p>Location is unimportant, as I have support to move to chosen site. Could be public or independent. Day schools are cool, boarding ok, I guess.</p>

<p>If you check my username, that can give you a clue of why I am searching for an IB Diploma programme. Thanks!</p>

<p>I dont think you understand what IB is. IB isnt college where you move out, its still High School, and Many High Schools in America, offer the IB Curriculum as part of the High School, its not a Major thing. Usually, theres 1 IB School near you, In my case, theres one across the street. </p>

<p>People dont “move out” to go to IB Schools, Its, not College, and its not something big. Its still High School, with a harder classes.</p>

<p>I Understand, you want to attend an Ivy League Uni. like Oxford, but its not neccesary to have to complete the IB Programe to get in. The Following things factor majorly in College Admissions-</p>


<p>To go to Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Yale and all the other Ivy League’s you dont need to go to a IB program school. For IB, you cannot move out and live by yourself, IB’s done offer boarding or any of that crap either, If you are Under 18, you cannot live by yourself and attend High School.</p>

<p>You are thinking too much of IB, its not College. You cannot live by yourself, and theres NO IB Schools offering Boarding or Residency Campus.</p>

<p>I appreciate the criticism, comments, suggestions, recommendations, explanations, etc. I would, however, appreciate much more a simple answer to my question providing the information requested if you have it at hand. For instance, are you at an IB Diploma programme that you like and is it at a small school? If so, I would love to know where.</p>

<p>This thread has severely rustled my jimmies.</p>

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<p>^ Your jimmies are clearly rustled bro, but I don’t blame you, mine are rustled too.</p>

<p>This thread has caused a mass rustling of jimmies it seems.</p>

<p>Cultural differences, cultural differences. The idea of having to justify my actions in a forum is quite new to me. Apologies.</p>

<p>I am coming from overseas to finish my last year of IB Diploma in the US. One of my parents lives permanently in the States, and the other has the option of choosing the place of the US relocation between several regions in the US (for instance, Massachussetts, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State or DC area, even California), so once more, location should not be a problem. I can certainly be a day student at a small PUBLIC or independent school.</p>

<p>Is there someone who is at a small school which offers an IB Diploma Programme? Thanks again for your specific information.</p>

<p>Thanks for clearing that up. I found this:[International</a> Baccalaureate (IB) Program - George School](<a href=“]International”></p>

<p>Both a day and boarding school.</p>

<p>After six hours of strenuous research I found this: [IB</a> Home](<a href=“]IB”></p>

<p>Any student currently attending an IB programme, can move into any school in the globe that has and IB programme to finish all diploma requirements. Thank you for your concern.</p>

<p>Also thank you to the person who provided the info on George School. Any other schools?</p>

<p>To answer your question, Northern VA where I live has a ton of IB schools and you could go to anyone of them. I go to one of them but I don’t want to state where. I would check the school’s websites and just see what classes they offer that you need to finish the Diploma because some schools might offer HL Physics and some might not etc. That’s the best advice I can give you. Also, to the people saying its not worth moving to complete the Diploma, if she wants to do that then that’s her choice. Good Luck with your search!</p>

<p>Yes, thank you for that, Northern Virginia is one of my favorite regions in the IB Online Locator. If you care to PM me to share your school experience, I would appreciate it.</p>

<p>Thanks for mentioning Cate School in CA and Long Trail Road in Vermont, both look wonderful. Please keep this valuable information coming.</p>

<p>@CollegeNow101: Ha, I guess I<code>m a formal person. Didn</code>t want to rattle anymore jimmies, so was trying to be helpful and formal;)</p>

<p>@AmbitiousDreams…funny you live in Northern VA, I live in Southwestern VA. Born in D.C and lived a couple years in Northern VA.</p>

<p>To the OP, research is your best bet…I mean, I found George School just by searching, “IB Diploma schools in US” and a million came up.</p>

<p>I think dfree’s suggestion is the mos elite IB school so far, OP.</p>

<p>OP:Original Poster</p>