small liberal arts colleges/universities

<p>i want to go to a small liberal arts college/university of around 1,000-3,000 students. which colleges should i be looking at? i have high SAT scores, good grades, EC's, etc.</p>

<p>There are several hundred of them. Why don't you get the Fiske Guide or any of the other guides and narrow down: rural/urban, coed/female, sports/no-sports, lots of music/not lots, liberal/conservative, region, weather, maybe even a little something about what you hope to study, cost, financial assistance, etc. Once you answer these 10 questions, you may be able to do this all yourself. (Yes, I have my favorites...and so does everyone else, but that's beside the point.)</p>

<p>well, what are your favorites?</p>

<p>What my favorites are doesn't matter.</p>

<p>Fire, I think what Mini is trying to say is that no one can really make recommendations about schools you should look at without more information about what you are looking for --- we know the size you're looking for but without more insight into what else matters to you, it's impossible to name any schools --- there are over 3,600 colleges in the US after all. </p>

<p>So, give us some details - your stats, part of the country you prefer, major possibilities, urban-rural-suburban preference, geographic preference, do you need financial aid or are you hoping for merit scholarships, how would you describe yourself --- what type of students do you want to be around, etc. etc. etc.</p>

<p>info on your academic and career interests would be helpful to posters.</p>

<p>PS I have twenty-five favorites.</p>

<p>i am looking for a small college, preferably in the northeast, 1450 SAT, no financial aid, either rural or suburban, want to be around intellectual (but well rounded) 'preppy' students</p>

<p>Dickinson. (Hi Carolyn!)</p>

<p>Also look at: Colgate, Trinity College, Amherst, Williams, Middlebury, Bowdoin, Colby, Bates, Hamilton, Kenyon, Lafayette, Muhlenberg, Allegheny, Bucknell.</p>

<p>To Carolyn's excellent list, you might also consider Haverford. And if you wanted to go south, definitely Davidson.</p>

<p>And speaking of the south, Washington & Lee might also be worth a look.</p>

<p>How about University of the South?</p>

<p>yeah i also wouldn't mind looking at southern colleges as well</p>

<p>We don't know your interests or possible majors. In terms of small universities, you may want to consider also Brandeis, Rochester, Tufts and (midwest) Washington/St. Louis.</p>

<p>Here's 49 fine liberal arts colleges, ranked by 1) how small a percentage receive any need-based financial aid; 2) how large a percentage of students come from private schools (often, but not always prep schools), and 3) Subtracted out, what percentages of students are on Pell Grants, meaning their families likely earn less than $40k/year. In other words, the entitlement index. Take out the urban ones (double**), and you have a list. Target the northeast ones if you like (single *).. You can get a great education at any of them, and probably 150 more.</p>

<li>Davidson 119-6 113</li>
<li>Washington and Lee 113-3 110</li>
<li>Trinity 119-13 106* *</li>
<li>Bates 108-9 99
<li>Middlebury 105-8 97*</li>
<li>Kenyon 105-8 97</li>
<li>Williams 104-9 95*</li>
<li>Colby 100-7 93*</li>
<li>Connecticut 102-11 91*</li>
<li>Univ. of the South 103-13 90</li>
<li>Bowdoin 98-10 88*</li>
<li>Furman 96-9 87</li>
<li>Skidmore 98-13 85*</li>
<li>Haverford 96-13 83*</li>
<li>Wesleyan 96-14 82*</li>
<li>Amherst 96-16 80*</li>
<li>Whitman 88-9 79</li>
<li>Swarthmore 91-13 78*</li>
<li>Franklin & Marshall 87-9 78*</li>
<li>Barnard 95-18 77*</li>
<li>Pomona 89-12 77</li>
<li>Colgate 86-10 76*</li>
<li>Scripps 88-14 74</li>
<li>Dickinson 85-12 73*</li>
<li>Sarah Lawrence 82-12 70*</li>
<li>Vassar 81-12 69*</li>
<li>Colorado 85-17 68</li>
<li>Lafayette 76-8 68*</li>
<li>Hamilton 82-15 67*</li>
<li>Denison 79-12 67</li>
<li>Wellesley 80-16 64*</li>
<li>Bucknell 75-12 63*</li>
<li>Gettysburg 74-12 62*</li>
<li>Bryn Mawr 76-15 61*</li>
<li>Carleton 71-10 61</li>
<li>Union 75-15 60*</li>
<li>Oberlin 76-17 59</li>
<li>Claremont-McKenna 71-15 56</li>
<li>Harvey Mudd 65-12 53</li>
<li>Macalester 65-15 50</li>
<li>Bard 68-20 48*</li>
<li>Mount Holyoke 68-21 47*</li>
<li>Depauw 59-13 46</li>
<li>Smith 70-24 46*</li>
<li>Occidental 69-27 42</li>
<li>Agnes Scott 66-26 40</li>
<li>Grinnell 53-13 40</li>
<li>Centre 57-18 39</li>
<li>Wabash 38-19 19</li>

<p>Holy Cross fits your criteria and unlike most LAC's is near a big city Boston.</p>

<p>Anybody have a rough estimate of how many lac's are there in the nation?</p>

<p>Washington University in St. Louis is not a small liberal arts college.</p>

<p>There are 214 four-year undergrad colleges listed in the USNEWS guide.</p>