Small liberal arts schools better at accommodating ADHD executive function issues?

Thoughts on the following schools my child is applying to with regard to ADHD support:
U Puget Sound
Lewis & Clark
Does anyone have experience with how well any of these schools support ADHD and executive function deficits?
We are not looking for a school like Landmark. We are happy to full pay tuition for a school that is the best FIT for him. Access to water and mountains are a big plus. NOT too rural (did not like Middlebury but Poughkeepsie was not a deal breaker). He’s an introvert who is not great about reaching out for help. Loves outdoor activities.

My friend’s daughter had a better experience at a large, urban college. She started at a small LAC type school and had accommodations but some of the professors had a lot of rules about them and she didn’t feel she fit in very well. She had issues with the dorm arrangement too.

She transferred to a large city college and had no issues with the services office and felt they helped her whenever she needed it.

So I don’t think size is the determining factor but just how willing the school is to work with the student.

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I just suggested Clark to someone else! I like Clark and in general the website for Colleges that Change Lives is helpful.

In fact, I like all of the schools on your list!

I really think he can go ahead and apply to these schools and once he knows where he is accepted, talk to the disabilities office and others who can help him delve deeper in order to choose.

We found that schools were very informative once kids are accepted. Accommodations for ADHD and executive function issues are common and these schools look good.

I have heard Davidson is another one…but this is a great list already.

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