Small Liberal LAC in NE

<p>Looking for a small liberal LAC for the sciences/psychology in the NE. So far interested in Drew (NJ), Juniata, Susquehanna, Ursinus, Muhlenberg (PA), and Quinnipiac. Which ones are more liberal - open minded... which ones are more stuffy and conservative? </p>


<p>Not exactly in the NE, but you might want to consider Allegheny College in northwestern PA - Meadville, to be exact. Excellent in both psych and bio. I would label it very middle of the road, neither overly conservative or liberal.</p>

<p>From the schools on your list, I'm assuming that places like Wesleyan and Vassar are reaches?</p>

<p>Have you looked at Goucher, Wheaton College (Mass), and Skidmore? They're all liberal and open-minded. Skidmore is bigger (about 2000), Goucher has 1300, Wheaton about 1500 I think. Some other very liberal schools include Bard and Sarah Lawrence. Of the above schools, Goucher and Wheaton are probably on par with Muhlenberg or Ursinus in terms of selectivity.</p>

<p>I wouldn't call any of the schools on your list particularly liberal. Muhlenberg is probably the most open-minded but it's still pretty preppy. Ursinus is even more preppy. Qunnipiac is Catholic - liberal in its way but lots of Catholic students. Don't know about Juniata but my sense is that it attracts career-oriented students from middle class PA families. Susquehanna is the same.</p>

<p>Of course, what one person considers "liberal" can vary immensely --- I'd suggest a visit to each school to see if they're fits for you.</p>

<p>Hi Carolyn-Quinnipiac is not a Catholic institution (maybe you are thinking of Fairfield U. down the road). My sister went there a number of years ago, and I took my D there for a look. It did not seem like a stuffy place, but not exactly crunchy granola either. My D did not like the dorm set-up. The dorms were very nice, but the suites had 8 or 12 kids in them. My D wanted just 1 roommate and a taditional dorm style room (which is what she has). They have a strong PT and OT program, and very nice-looking communication facilities.
As I have said before, I think the world of Susquehanna. I would not say it is a "liberal" school, but some of the nicest people we met on our college travels were in Selinsgrove.</p>

<p>FYI-Wheaton is in Chicago</p>

<p>what about Trinity</p>

<p>FYI-there are two Wheaton Colleges. LOL. Confusing, huh?</p>

<p>Of the schools you're interested in Juniata, Susquehanna, Quinnipiac and Muhlenberg are all good options and all are relatively conservative but Muhlenberg's a bit more liberal than the others. I will also second Carolyn's three suggestions of Wheaton, Skidmore and Goucher. For a really liberal school, you might look at Bennington, Hampshire and Sarah Lawrence. Hobart/William Smith and Ithaca are a couple of other schools to consider. You might also look at Hartwick, Endicott, McDaniel and Washington & Jefferson.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! I think my son will fit in just about anywhere as he is very comfortable and friendly with just about everyone in his high school which is quite a mix. However he is an atheist (although has he has often participated in a local church's events - because he's good friends with a couple of its members and "they're great people who do fun wholesome things") and a pretty liberal minded, science oriented, open minded, enthusiastic about living and learning type of kid - and I would like him to be in an environment where his views are accepted, not looked down upon.</p>

<p>It is not in the northeast, but Earlham fits the criteria. Take a look at it if he is willing to give the Midwest a try.</p>

<p>Just checked Earlham's website, and they actually have a psychobiology degree (I hope that is not biology for psycho's). The faculty bios in the psych and biology departments are impressive. Good luck in your hunt!</p>

<p>Bxian - Thanks for correcting me on Quinnipiac. Old age combined with early morning posting does that to you. :)</p>

<p>Ok, sorry. I'm stupid=)</p>

<p>Hi Carolyn-I hesitated to correct you because you always give such great and supportive advice-but I know some kids who are not Catholic might cross a particular school off the list if they are non-Catholic ( or if they are not overly religious-even though we are Catholic, my D wasn't so sure about attending a Catholic school until she fell in love with St. Joe's).
I may be heading to Wheaton (MA), Union and Skidmore with S in a couple of weeks if I can gear myself up for the drive when he has a couple of days off from school. After driving to so many schools with my D, it is tough to get geared up to do it all over again! It would be so much easier if I did not have 2 kids who were so different from each other :)</p>

<p>Hoo_29.....there's Wheaton in Wheaton, Ill. which is Presbyterian and then there's Wheaton in Mass....two very different colleges...</p>

<p>Bxian, Please never hesitate to correct me. I'm not perfect. :)</p>

<p>Would you please post a trip report in the parents section if you do make it up to Skidmore and Wheaton? I value your opinions and would love to hear your son's reactions.</p>

<p>Carolyn-I will be happy to post if we make the trip. By the way, do you know if there is any way to retrieve archived posts?</p>