Small-Medium Reputable Business schools: Butler, Xavier, Creighton, Fairfield and...?

<p>So, I just got a rejection from my top choice (Fordham), it was a reach, but I am very disappointing nonetheless. I am trying to narrow down my list of other schools I applied to. So far, I've got Butler, Creighton, Loyola Maryland, Xavier, SLU and Fairfield. I've gotten 14,000 to 19,000 in merit scholarships from about half of them. Assuming they all have similar Financial Aid , which do you think is best? I am going into accounting. I am also looking for other schools that have good accounting programs, and would be of similar rankings to Butler or Loyola Maryland. I also applied to Bentley, but I am a little worried that may not work out after receiving a rejection from Fordham. Any suggestions (preferably near big city, but with normal campus, in Midwest or West Coast, ~3,000-10,000 students)? </p>


<p>31 ACT
3.2/3.6 GPA
All honors and AP classes from top 10 Illinois public HS
300+ Hours community service
Average Recs and well-written essay
4 years of volleyball and multiple jobs
High income bracket and Caucasian

<p>Any help would be appreciated! I am really worried after my rejection...</p>

<p>XU is a great choice for accounting. I know many that have gone to the large accounting firms or Local fortune 50 companies. I do not know their deadline but have you considered Miami of Ohio? Top rated business school and decent scholarships. It is within an hour of XU but has a lot more Greek life. </p>

<p>I recommend that you determine which of those schools are AACSB accredited in accounting (probably all of them are, but you should double check). Definitely do not attend one which is not accredited by AACSB. </p>

<p>Then make your choice based on personal preferences. All of the schools you listed are excellent. It is possible that SLU is the best overall school on your list. I would have preferred Fordham too. My condolences.</p>

If you still have not decided, Butler is a great school. Think you would love it.