Small Schools near Ohio?

<p>This actually isn't for me (I'm already at WashU) but for a sibling whose a junior right now and beginning her college search. I'm trying to make up a list of schools near Ohio (around 8 hr drive max) that she should consider so she can narrow it down. Preferably, these schools would have a smaller student population (6000 students max?), yet relatively good academics. </p>

<p>Her preferences are relatively vague right now. She wants to play tennis in college (not good enough for Big 10 tennis but definitely lower D1 as well as DII and DIII tennis. Her doubles partner will play tennis at Amherst) and wants to be pre-med. She's stronger in the Arts/English/music than the sciences and math and enjoys these subjects more. At least top 10% in her class of 80 and an estimated SAT of around 2000 and ACT of 32 (she just took them for the first time so her scores haven't actually come in yet). She's has decent EC including volunteering.</p>

<p>So far the her list is:
1) Denison
2) Otterbein
3) Depauw (or Depaul idk remember which one)
4) Denison</p>

<p>I want her to look at:
1) Kenyon
3) Ohio Wesleyan</p>

<p>Schools that I've heard:
1) Grinnell
2) Maccalester
3) Butler
4) Valparasio
5) Carleton
6) Swarthmore (reach?)
7) Wooster</p>

<p>Doesn't like:
1) University of Dayton
2) Xavier?</p>

<p>Any advice comments on the colleges I've listed as heard of would be nice, as well as additions to the list would be welcome. (I applied to the research universities in the midwest so I don't know much about smaller schools other than what I've heard through the grapevine.)</p>

<p>Thanks alot in advance.</p>

<p>To be blunt, judging by your list of schools, you do not have a good grasp on this.Will your sister be seeking financial aid? When will she receive her ACT scores? Estimating SAT/ACT scores is meaningless. What does she want to study? Is heavy drinking/partying okay? Is she a sorority type? I am asking these questions to help sort out your eclectic mix of schools--several of which I rarely, if ever, recommend.</p>

<p>yea... i know. It is mostly due to the fact that she wants/can to play tennis in college that this is a problem. I can saw that she's not the sorority type or it won't be an important factor. (the ACT/SAT estimates are based on the numerous ACT/SAT that our school holds for those that want to practice.) I'm just trying to compile a list of schools that hopefully she can prune herself. The problem is for me I don't really know where to start.</p>

<p>Almost everyone plays a sport at Marietta in southern Ohio near OU.</p>

<p>Oberlin, Hiram and Wittenberg (OH); Kalamazoo and Hillsdale (MI); Allegheny, Washington & Jefferson and Chatham (PA); Alfred (NY); Centre (KY); Earlham (IN).</p>

<p>Geographically, she's golden. You could limit it to 3 hours from Ohio and still have outstanding colleges included. Making it 8 hours includes a staggering variety of small schools.</p>

<p>to exploringoptions' list I'd add Albion and maybe Calvin (in MI), Transylvania (KY), Rhodes (TN)....these are just off the top of the my head.</p>

<p>Hope College - about 3000 students, near Lake Mich and in the cute town of Holland. Don't know about the tennis. Featured in Colleges that Change Lives.</p>

<p>Kalamazoo College -- somewhat smaller and more selective than Hope. Underr 2000 students. Don't know about tennis, except that for eons Kzoo was host to USTA junior championships over the summer. Still? Maybe that permeated the atmosphere somewhat. The might also be in CTVL -- cant remember off hand.</p>

<p>But what about Miami of Ohio??</p>

<p>Oberlin has tennis and is a school with strong social sciences programs. It's a very good school, with a nice campus and friendly students. It's also in Ohio. it sounds like it could be a very good choice and could be worth looking it.</p>

<p>Other great midwestern schools within your range include:
Ohio Wesleyan (I have a friend who has been accepted here)</p>

<p>If you look as far as Minnesota consider St Olaf (for music) or Gustavus (for tennis). Both have solid science/premed programs.</p>

<p>Miami University (OH) has 14,265 undergraduates plus 1,501 graduate students, well above the stated 6,000 student maximum.</p>

<p>Since driving across Ohio can take half of your 8 hours, it would help to know what part of Ohio you are starting from or which neighboring states are close enough. Which states are in range: MI, IN, PA, WV, KY, NY, WV, MD ? There might even be a few others. Draw a circle with a radius of 400 miles.</p>

<p>If she is truly good enough to play "lower" Division 1 tennis and scores at least a 32 on the ACT, she should not restrict herself to these schools. Will she be seeking financial aid? What does she intend to study?</p>

<p>When I was applying to Kalamazoo, they said they had one of the best tennis programs in the country (D3). Your sister's stats would be a match there.</p>

<p>My son is a freshman at Kalamazoo and loves it. It's an excellent Liberal Arts college very similar in size and quality to Denison, Kenyon, Carleton, Grinnell and Macalester, and pertinent to your sister it has a spectacular tennis program and amazing tennis facilities. It still hosts the US Juniors every year. Although perhaps better known for its science program it is very strong in the humanities as well; that's my son's area also.</p>

<p>And I agree that your sister's expected stats would seem to give her a good chance of admission. Good luck on her school choice; you have listed a number of excellent schools.</p>

<p>I ditto HIRAM . My D is graduates this May from there and what an incredible experience for her . The faculty there is very good and the academic village out in the hills is very special --and it is very small & friendly . It seems to have a good reputation for getting into grad schools too as my D got a full scholarship to go to her grad school and did well on the GREs . Their calendar is very different from other schools ...........they have these semesters of three week twice a year where students do amazing abroad programs and internships .I also like that they are not off a month , five weeks for Christmas break .</p>

<p>I'd suggest these LCs:</p>

College of Wooster
Hobart & William Smith</p>

<p>Agree with many of the above posters.</p>

<p>definitely look at kalamazoo if she wants to play tennis.
they have a great tennis program.</p>

<p>Our S is accepted to Wooster, Ohio Wesleyan, Hiram and Wittenberg.
Any other thoughts about Hiram? I liked the comments about the school in Colleges That Change Lives. Not much posted about Hiram in this site.
Which of these would be best for an English major?</p>

<p>I think Wooster would be a good bet, especially with their IS program.</p>

<p>Belated thanks to Isle Boy for the feedback. Wooster seems to be a wonderful school and that's where our son will likely wind up. We had two great visits to the school and have seen lots of raves about it in the other posts. Hiram offered a very attractive financial package and was looking like a strong option until we heard from Wooster. </p>

<p>Anyone have any thoughts about Ohio Wesleyan v. Hiram v. Wittenberg? No longer so important, but just wondering....</p>