Smaller less competitive schools

I am looking for architecture or pre-architecture programs around during NJ, CT, PA. I am finding it difficult to determine if schools are a giod fit. For example, Kean U (NJ) is generally not competitive, but its website says the architecture program is competitive and limited . Jefferson East Falls (PA) doesn’t list admission criteria . Current stats will be around 3.3 GPA, 1200 SAT. Thanks .

A creative portfolio is required to apply to Kean’s BA in architectural studies. You can therefore assume that the portfolio will play an important role in admissions evaluation. So the most important question is does your daughter have an art background and a body of work that can be assembled in a portfolio?

Bear in mind that with a BA in architectural studies she will most likely want to get an MArch, at Kean or at another school of architecture.

At Jefferson East Falls submission of a portfolio is optional. Generally that means that while a good portfolio is a plus, you can you still get admitted without one.

Architecture programs usually don’t specify GPA or score ranges of the students they admit, other than their parent university’s average. However, most architecture programs, especially BArchs, are generous with information if you contact them directly. They want their students to succeed and will help applicants understand what they are looking for.

A 3.2 GPA and 1200 SAT score is in the respectable range for many of the programs recommended in your other thread. The deal breaker could be the portfolio, but even without a portfolio, these grades and scores won’t keep her out of most programs. Essays, recommendations, interests and extracurriculars and overall life experience and demographics will also be important.

Thank you, that is all helpful information!

FWIW, I graduated from Kean (economics, not architecture), after dropping out of a competitive LAC and working for a few years. This was a while ago, and the school has improved a great deal since then, but even at that time I received an excellent education and was admitted to a very competitive PhD program. After all, that wasn’t for me, but I did go on to graduate from an Ivy law school. Kean is what you make of it, but the school did very well by me.

Kent State in Ohio maybe another school for consideration. Although it’s not a tiny school, it’s got a pretty good school of architecture.

Here’s a link to the arch school website:

Thank you for all the above information. Does anyone have experience with Marywood University’s (PA) architecture?

University of Hartford would probably be a safety, and they gave my S very good merit aid for not great stats (engineering major)

Thank you! It’s on our list and I’m glad to hear about the merit. Congratulations!