Smarter to apply to harvard or m&t ED?

<p>I want to get into the m&t program, but I don’t know if my family will be able to afford it (from seeing the other financial aid packages by posters). So, I was thinking it would make more sense to apply to harvard EA so I could compare the packages. And, another point: Only 18 out of the total class size of around 60 people were offered admission for m&t in the fall, which would probably mean that they are saving a lot of spots for those who apply RD. And Harvard admits around 25% of their EA applicants.</p>

<p>However, M&T is my first choice. I want a business background much more than a liberal arts background.</p>

<p>I'm sorry.. this is really random, and it doesnt answer your question at all, but wuts M & T?</p>

<p>From my experience, I am unmeasurably glad that I did not do an ED app. I applied to Harvard EA, got deferred/rejected, and am now going to Penn with BFS. While I didn't really have an overwhelming first choice, I am glad I was able to keep my options open because Penn only came on strong for me at the end. It was more work, but, looking back, I couldn't imagine myself missing out on the March 31/ April 1st excitement around school and having my decision already made all through April. This is just my experience, and I don't mean to discourage you from doing M&T ED since it sounds like most get deferred anyway, but I think the way to go is to apply to schools with appealling academic programs (rather than just reputation- which I was guilty of doing), see where you get in and what your aid is, and try to find the best fit of the feasible options. I think that a lot can change from October to April and that you will be able to get a true feel for where you really want to be by going to the various Preview Days and possibly doing overnights (beware, though, Penn only offers overnights in 3 pointless months of the year- like Oct, Nov, Feb).</p>

<p>I'm speaking from the POV of someone who could never have done ED, but if you're sure of M&T early, then go for it. Make sure your essays are really strong though. I have a 4.0 and 2310, but my Harvard essay wasn't great and my Penn essays were. I think that's what really does it for you...</p>

<p>Do what you love. Just make sure it's what you love, and you don't love money or somesuch. I'm learning this the hard way...</p>

<p>x2 on pretty much everything brekels said, that's actually my story exactly</p>

<p>Im in a similar situation but with Huntsman... My first choice is to be admitted to Huntsman... but if not I don't care I just wanna go to wharton... i love it! </p>

<p>So if you are sure you want to study at wharton (possible doin a double major) regardless if it's M&T... I would apply ED binding wharton... which is that instead of beig deferred from M&T they'll consider you just for wharton during ED...</p>

<p>That's the million dollar question: do you want to be a single degree Wharton student, instead of a Harvard student?</p>

<p>Money is the main issue for me.</p>

<p>I hear the penn financial aid packages suck, and, since my family owns a business, we have a large amount of assets (~1mil) which is disproportional with their income (80k). Plus no health insurance/pension plan or any of these other perks that can raise your paycheck from 20-30%.</p>

<p>I think all schools in general take assets into account. Income alone is not the sole factor in deciding aid of course -- they take in a larger view of net worth and assets, stocks, real estate, family members, etc. Some schools simply have different ways of calculating "need-based" aid. The aid is better at Harvard, however, but M&T is a great program and I think it would be worth the extra money if it came down to it.</p>