SMC help, please?

<p>So I just transferred to SMC from a CSU. I was accepted as a bio major but ending up failing my first introductory bio course (upper division). I decided bio wasn't my thing and am planning on applying to the UCs as some sort of social science major. I thought this class wasn't going to transfer to SMC, meaning the UCs wouldn't care about it. It seems like the UCs will only take the credit if I take the three bio class, 21, 22 and 23, all together. BUT it does look like the class is possible toward counting as just bio 21 once it gets evaluated. Since this class falls under the physical sciences category, does that mean it will absolutely count? Is there anyway I can just hope the class magically won't count like I thought so before? Maybe I can just not have it evaluated? Is that possible? Because if it does, I would have to take bio 21 AND chem 11. Can someone please help me?</p>

<p>It will count and it's going to lower your GPA, but do well in other classes to raise your GPA. I say you just take a different physical science class. You don't have to take chem 11 if it's not a pre-req for your new major.</p>

<p>If my gpa is around a 3.0 at the end of the fall semester because of this, what do you think my chances of getting into the good UCs are? Like LA, Irvine, SC, SB. Im planning on explaining the grade in my application as well.</p>

<p>Doubt you'd get into LA.</p>

<p>When will you complete your english courses and math? Do you qualify for Tag at Irvine and SB? If so, 3.0 should get you in.</p>

<p>hey everybody i need help!! so i was wondering if chem 10's final at smc is hard.
im taking the class right now and the final is tomorrow im super nervous i have a 89.45 in the class , and i can only get 3 wrong out of 30 to get an A so if you can please tell me what chapters to focus on id really appreciate it , ive been studying all day!</p>