<p>Daughter has been accepted to both. Great scholarship to SMC. Of course, no merit scholarship for ND. D does not want to go to all womens college. How do we justify the cost difference. Anyone know about SMC for premed?</p>

<p>Good problem to have! I can't specifically address the premed area, but can tell you that the students receive amazing opportunities at SMC due to the hands on, small class size, no TA's, and professors all four years. This is NOT to diminish the (also) amazing opportunities at ND. Rather, to stress that the two environments are quite different in feel, size, and scope. </p>

<p>It will really come down to where your daughter feels the better "fit" is. My youngest was waitlisted at ND, but declined her spot on the wait list and attended SMC. Loved, loved it!! I believe if she had been accepted at ND, she still would have chosen SMC. (And she did meet other students who had made that same choice) The leadership opportunities were unparalleled and much of it due to the smaller environment at Saint Mary's. </p>

<p>Our daughters received merit scholarships, grant money, were RA's and held on campus jobs - all of which made the Saint Mary's education much more affordable for our family. Please note: neither of my daughters thought they'd go to a women's college. Both loved it, but it is not for everyone. Best wishes to you and your daughter! She has a bright future and this is a win-win situation!</p>