SMCM excitement

My kid will be attending SMCM beginning fall 2016, and I am so excited! Our whole family has visited multiple times and have been impressed each time. The school strikes the right balance between academics and room for fun. I have never been on a campus that is more supportive and friendly. We talked to numerous students and without fail, every single one of them was beyond happy with their choice to attend. Our son knew right away that this was the right school for him. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. Being on the water is a huge plus. If you have a kid that is smart, eager to learn, laid back, loves water, and wants a small lac, I urge you to consider SMCM.

@stayweirdsmcm we applied and in wait mode for SMCM and UMCP. We’ve never visited but looking forward to it. Our pediatrician kid is there, and she couldn’t say enough good things about the school. DD already has been accepted to UMBC, George Mason, Towson, a couple other OOS public and privates.

DD loves the water so that will be a big plus.

@KimberleesDad I wish your daughter the best of luck with both schools. My son applied early action to SMCM and priority to College Park. He only wanted to apply to SMCM, but we strongly encouraged him to do both. He was accepted to both, but he will be attending SMCM. They are both great schools, and are complete opposites of each other. His sister attends UMD and loves it. My son loves the smallness of the campus at SMCM. I have never been on a campus with nicer people. It feels like such a supportive environment. The water, oh my, it is a huge plus! My daughter could care less about the lack of beauty in CP. She loves the atmosphere. My son however, is a nature lover. He loves being outside as much as possible. It feels very laid back, slight hippyish feel to it. Sounds like your daughter will have several choices. That’s awesome! Good luck to her. I hope you get down to SMCM and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

@stayweirdsmcm Thanks for the warm wishes. We’re still waiting to hear from SMCM, however she received an informative email from the admissions office, so that’s a good sign. Today she received a big envelope from UMass Amherst, which is one of her top choices. Deciding is going to be difficult.

Oh, University of Delaware acceptance email also came today. Both UMass & UD is D1 for her sport, and SMCM is D3.