SMCM or UMBC for pre-med

<p>Need to make a decision in next 2 days about whether to choose SMCM or UMBC (Honors Program) for pre-med; transfer student who will enter as a sophomore. </p>

<p>About me: 3.95 un-weighted GPA in HS (4.65 weighted); 34 ACT; many APs; have already taken first semester biology (A) and chemistry (A-); 2 years of NIH internships; training to be EMT; Completed 1 semester at highly selective private university as scholar + 1 semester at community college (due to health issues), outgoing personality and very social, enjoy learning and studying but also want to be able to pursue other varied extracurricular interests including community service (I'm not an athlete or a nerd). </p>

<p>Prefer small classes and close student-faculty relationships; intelligent student body but not but not cut-throat college environment; ability to balance academics with also having extracurricular involvement and doing study abroad; opportunities for research with faculty and internships.</p>

<p>Which college do you like better? Saint Mary's has some really small class sizes. It is a small college with very good chance to do research. My dd is doing a self directed research project now. You either have to do an internship or study aboard to graduate from St Mary's. I know both will get you where you want to go, as long as you have the ability.</p>