<p>Help a technologically-challenged mom.</p>

<p>How does one do smilies? The control panel speaks of buttons but where are they?
marite--obviously not headed for technology goddess status. ;-(</p>

<p>Having trouble smiling?</p>

<p>type : ) without the space between them... and you get :)</p>

<p>; ) = ;)</p>

<p>There are many more, but you can get far in this world with just a wink and a smile! Look at Bill Clinton!</p>

<p>I think the Smiley Interpretor Machine likes 2-element smilies; it frowns on 3-element smile forms.</p>

<p>:>) does not compute.... it has 3 elements</p>

<p>a list of this board's smilies with codes:
<a href=""&gt;;/a>

<p>Thanks, sheeprun and glowingamy. I can now smile. :)</p>

<p>This is great! Was wondering the same thing. I will try to be :) and not :(....</p>

<p>Thanks from me too! I was also feeling :( without my :)</p>

<p>but my favorite smile went away</p>

<p>Simba, I know that there are people who have a gazillion stored on their computer and just cut and paste. The one I hunger after is the smilie with the little person beating its head against a brick wall--haven't been able to find it though :(</p>

<p>Where's Mr. Wavey??? You know: the little guy who waves his hand at you.</p>

<p>He was my favorite. He was always so cheerful... and he just never stopped waving that little hand! Tireless!</p>

<p>Bring back Mr. Wavey!</p>

<p>thanks! :)</p>

<p>Am I smiling? :) Do I have anything between my teeth?</p>

<p>I can't find anything about smilies on my control panel. Why do computers hate me?:confused:</p>

<p>:confused: can you do smilies through the quick post? I notice that I have to go top reply, scroll down to the bottom and use the cheat sheet.</p>

<p>ah, that's where the smilies are, on the reply to thread panel.:)
I've been doing quick replies. But you can still type in the smilie codes there.</p>

<p>Or, when the Reply to Thread page comes up you can scroll down to the bottom where it says: "Smilies" Click that page on and you will see the whole list of "Smilies". </p>

<p>If I want a "Smilie" I simply copy the little symbol and paste it into my post.</p>

<p>Then I keep the "Smilie" page minimized while I am online--for easy cutty/ pasty.</p>

<p>"Cutty/pasty" Is that an architectural term?</p>

<p>:rolleyes: Most common in the graphic arts, methinks.</p>