Smith Alumnae Represent

<p>I am somewhat of a news/politics junkie, and flip around the various cable news channels such as MSNBC, Current, CNN etc.</p>

<p>Tonight I was doing this as usual(along with taking in some of the Knicks game but that's another story-Jeremy Lin).</p>

<p>On the Jennifer Granholm show, War Room, Smith grad Laura Tyson was talking on the recent improvement in the economy. She is currently a professor at Cal-Berkeley and was chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Clinton.</p>

<p>Next I saw Smith alum Tammy Baldwin, a member of Congress and candidate for Senate from Wisconsin on the Rachel Maddow show.</p>

<p>Finally, on CNN I noticed another Smithie, Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Director of President Obama's reelection committee.</p>

<p>These women proudly represent Smith College and are a great role models for current and future Smithies to emulate.</p>

<p>Bossf51, did you also know that Julianna Smoot, a Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama, is also a Smith graduate? She sends out emails about the campaign frequently. Those Smithies--they're everywhere, they're everywhere! :)</p>

<p>Yes I remember reading that on the Smith site. I'm sure there are some Republican Smithies out there, too, if you look hard enough. ;)</p>

<p>(Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush for ex.)</p>