Smith College Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re all well and keeping safe during this pandemic. I noticed there hasn’t been a sub on prospective Smithies. Hoping we could connect:)

Keep well!


Hey from a current Smithie ‘25. Good luck to everyone :slight_smile: hope to see y’all next year!


Hey! did you receive your ed decision already?

Just popping in as I do some research for my kid’s applications to say that 25 years after I graduated from Smith, the school is still a huge part of my life. I am grateful every day for the time I spent there. It is filled with wild and wise women of all stripes who go on to change the world and share a lifelong bond known as being a Smithie. Good luck, future Smithies!


now we wait until mid-late March? Smith is now top of the list for my D. I really really hope she is accepted.

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Yes, the waiting…but in the meantime everything is possible.
Still, we would like all of the answers now because the stress is real.

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In a week or so Smith will release some early acceptances. Last year was Feb. 20. Usually a number of the early accepts then get merit awards in March, just before all acceptances are announced. Good luck!!!


Ooh fingers crossed! Hoping we hear early!

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Are they acceptances or “Likely”? Do they come snail mail?

They are acceptances and last year they came snail mail. I do not remember when portals were updated.


lolll I’m def not getting one

My daughter and a school friend each got snail mail letters today. Essentially, a “select group of applicants” were notified early. Very surprising and nice. I imagine they may send out more of these this year given concerns about yield. Good luck –– the weather has certainly delayed mail everywhere except here in NYC!

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Was her portal updated? Thanks

She didn’t do or see anything – and I didn’t hear about any email notifications. So with that I’d say no.

Oh great then lol I guess I am not getting anything lol

snail mail can take a while depending on where you are. I will keep fingers crossed through Saturday and then give up hope.

where are you located if I may ask?

I live in the UK so lollll, I guess overseas they wont do snail mail, will prob get rejected lol

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I think she said NYC

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I got the same letter today! I live in NYC as well. It’s likely the weather is delaying the mail for lots of people, so don’t give up hope yet!

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