Smith College Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

if there’s no confetti when you log into the portal does that mean it was a rejection? orrr

that is the million dollar question

I can see an update on the portal



Real letters are up!!

waitlisted:(( ngl that one hurt a bit

oop rejected

rejected LMAO

Waitlisted, but I was accepted at Wellesley, so thats interesting.


oh see it was the opposite for me! accepted to smith and waitlisted at wellesley.


I was rejected but waitlisted at Wellesley! so same but you’re one level up :smile: this year is so weird

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Got in but don’t plan on going. Does anyone know whether Smith or MoHo is seen as far more prestigious?

Both are great schools but Smith has much higher rankings in all the college publications. FWIW. MoHo is in the sticks whereas Smith is in a cool small town. :slight_smile:

waitlisted ): it was definitely my top choice but im pretty happy with bryn mawr


thank you

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I got in! This is my first big acceptance so feeling great!


Rejected going to Cal I guess lol

Waitlisted. I guess the theory about the confetti was right after all.

President’s Scholarship ($12k/year). So very glad as all her acceptances have included merit and she really wants to go to Smith! We will accept and deposit this weekend! (P.S. rejected ED1 at Barnard and ED2 at Tufts, but in the end was glad as the more she learned about Smith the more she loved it. Maybe things happen the way they are supposed to!) Best of luck to all who are waiting or waitlisted.


same! sad bc wellesley was my top :sob: