Smith College early decision date for class of 2026

Good morning my daughter has applied early decision for Smith College. Does anyone have any insight into when the acceptance letters will come out. From what I can research from the past it was around December 15? We are new to this so we are getting very excited hopefully she is able to get in!

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No further insight other than my daughter telling me her college counselor said by 12/15 for ED notifications. Meanwhile, I have a question about whether there is a parent recommendation letter? I have read that Smith has invited parents to write a letter on behalf of theme daughters. It’s optional I hear so wondering if Smith will email us or if my daughter chose not to have us submit one. I’d love to write one but she is being very independent and private about the process and hasn’t mentioned it.

Hi! I did not hear of a parent letter so I assume there wasn’t one. I could be wrong though. I know she had I think 3 letters sent in two from school and one from a personal reference. Thank you for letting me know you think it is December 15. We are really excited! Good luck to your daughter in getting in as well!

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We wrote one and I believe there’s still time. Daughter is class of 2025, settling in well and very happy even though it was not a top choice for her.