Smith College Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Smith College offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for Smith College is November 1.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Smith College admitted 307 of the 501 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 61.28%.

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Hi I guess this is the most relevant thread for people applying ED one to Smith for 2026. I was wondering if anyone else applying is submitting a portfolio for dance (or other performance art) currently you can put in up to five videos, however I only have three videos from performances I’ve done. I have a few more but they aren’t in front of an audience, is it better to have more videos or just keep it to those that are best filmed and most professional? Also keep in mind I’m applying specifically to study environmental science and policy, I’m super passionate about dance but I’m not going to be pursuing it professionally in any form.

My daughter applied to Smith ED1 and was notified today that she was accepted. She was recruited for athletics. Her unweighted GPA was 3.5, and weighted was 4.0. She was awarded the Congressional Medal for volunteer service. She is a member of her school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Her high school doesn’t do class ranking, so I’m not sure where she ranked relative to her peers, but she attends a pretty solid Catholic high school. I think in the final analysis her status as a sports recruit helped her application a lot because her GPA was lower than the average. The acceptance notification, for what it’s worth, said that this year the college had the most, and most competitive, group of ED applicants in their school history. We’re excited for her to begin a new journey next year and wanted to share. Hope everyone finds a place they are happy with.


Hi congratulations our daughter Sydney also was accepted last night! She was definitely I think accepted due to academics. She also attended a catholic school and ranked number 1 in her class. I think waited she was pretty high because her high school average over 3 years is 102.3 how ever that is possible! She did not receive a merit scholarship but the financial aid was much more than we expected so we are very happy as well. We are from the Buffalo area. Sydney has started a Instagram for ED1 award winners and a number of the girls are already on it. Her name is Sydney Gunner if it helps your daughter to find it to join. Let me know if she can’t find it and I will ask Sydney how to find it! Best wishes to your Smithie!

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Thank you. I passed along that information to my daughter.


Hi congratulations on your daughter getting accepted. My D23 just started her recruiting talks this summer and visited Smith in November and fell in love. What sport will your daughter be playing?


Wondering if I can message you with a recruiting specific question, different sport but re the process?