Smith College ED 2024

About two more weeks to the release of ED result, let’s connect!

I’m so nervous! It’s a bit of a reach for me, but I’m excited to see the decision.

Hey same here! I think I might not get in anyway but I’m nervous and excited to see the result. I’m an international student who doesn’t have a chance to visit Smith, but I have the opportunity to have a chat with the AO there and Smith sounds like a great place! Really wish to get there, I guess for now everything boils down to luck. All the best!

I’m super nervous as well! Does anyone know if there’s an exact date that the decisions will be released or is it just by December 15th?

If I’m not wrong last year was on December 14 at 5pm PST. I think it should be around the same time this year.

Does anyone know the date decisions will be released?

My money is on Friday 12/13. But it hasn’t been announced yet.

Does anyone know exactly HOW we get the decision? Like via a letter or an email or what? I applied ED and I have no idea when/how we get our response. Welp!

Back when I applied (I was class of 2018), the acceptance showed up on the portal.

From Smith’s CDS the date of ED result release is December 15

Does Smith send out something telling applicants when the release date is?

Last year the email came two days before decisions were released.

I’m an ED I applicant waiting to hear from Smith… Today I logged into iDoc to obsessively check my financial aid documents and noticed that two Direct Loan-related requirements have appeared… Have these appeared for everyone else?

My kid’s IDOC still says “ALERT: All required documents have been submitted and are processed.”

Ah, but in the Smith FA portal, under Documents and Messages, there are two new direct loan related items.

I think we can safely assume this is a generic change for all US applicants for financial aid.

My FA page has the same message, complete loan counseling and MPN. It must be a standard thing.

When you say portal do you mean Common Ap/Coalition/etc? Or is there something else we needed to log into/set up? If so how do I go about doing that?

You should have gotten an email after submitting your application that said:

@elizabeth You should have received an email to log into the Smith Portal after your application was received. It shows the status of all your application docs.

Oh no! I never received an email like that! I know I’ve applied because they’ve sent me other emails and the like, but I never received anything like what you have there!