Smith Women of Distinction 2020

Hello all!
Did anyone else apply to the Smith College Women of Distinction program this year? They said they would release decisions on July 26, but I just realized that they haven’t sent me anything. Has anyone gotten or heard anything? Let me know!

Hi! I applied to the program this year too. On the website, it said that they would send out decisions on or around July 27th. It was different from the email they sent which said they would send it on the 26th. So, I’m assuming they will send it today. Hope this clears up any confusion. I’m wishing you luck!!!

@blossomp1nk Good luck to you as well!! I think you’re right because I emailed them today and they said that decisions would go out today. I haven’t heard anything just yet though. Please lmk if you do!

I haven’t gotten anything today yet. Do you think they might send it tomorrow instead? Or have you received an email from them?

@blossomp1nk Nothing for me either. Maybe tomorrow? I hope they tell us soon :confused:

Yeah, I hope they tell us soon too :frowning:

Just got an update!

Ah, I didn’t get in! Did you?

What percentage of people accepted to the fly in are accepted to Smith?

@pleasekillmenow Not sure, but for Williams College at least I’ve heard that people who do the fly-in usually get into the school. But I’ve also heard that if you don’t do the fly-in, you still have a good chance at getting in regardless

@blossomp1nk Aw I’m sorry about that :/, no worries though I’m sure they’re missing out!! Onto the next :slight_smile: I got in but I literally don’t know how.

It’s okay! But yayyyyy! I’m happy for you :smiley: I’m sure you deserved it!!!

Hi ! I also applied and got in ! If you said yes to attending, have you gotten a confirmation email yet? Just wondering and congrats to all who made it ! Even if you didn’t, I’m proud of you for trying !

@blossomp1nk Thanks so much!! I echo this ^^

@Karenski Hi, congrats! I haven’t confirmed yet because I’m looking into other programs that may have similar dates. But if and when I do, I’ll definitely say it here

Hi everyone! I was accepted to 2020 WOD as well! I created a Group Me, so please feel free to either tag me here, so I see your message, or pm me for the link. I can’t wait to meet y’all!

@TheRose21 Yes I’d love to join ! Can you pls send me the link !

@TheRose21 Hey, I’d love to join the Groupme as well!!

Hi my D applied and was accepted, @TheRose21 , could you send me the group me info for her? Thanks!